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If you are planning to buy a new aquarium, Which Fish Tank can certainly help you with this important task.

We list a range of supplies & reviews for Tropical Fish Tanks & Aquariums on our site - so we are confident that you will find an aquarium suitable for your tropical or marine fish requirements.

It's a great hobby for everyone to enjoy, no matter what your age is. And did you know that keeping fish is  beneficial to your health? It's a proven way to help reduce stress and anxiety.

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First Steps In Finding Your Perfect Fish Tank

Lady choosing fish tankLady choosing fish tank

Whenever we start thinking about an aquarium - we're instantly concerned with the fish. Will they have enough room to grow? Room to swim?

But it's not the only concern you should have when you start shopping for an aquarium.

To maintain your new stunning and impressive aquarium - you must dedicate your time to research and consider all the different aspects of fish keeping.

Are you wanting to have either a tropical or saltwater fish tank. There are many manufacturers that cater for both types of fish tank each offering many versions and sizes of tank aquariums for their customers' needs worldwide.

Yellow-orange cichlidsYellow-orange cichlids

5 Excellent Reasons Why Fish Make Ideal Pets

Coloured CichlidColoured Cichlid
  1. The fish are known to have a calming and peaceful effect on anyone who sees them swimming through the water. 
  2. Certain species of fish, such as Danios, Guppies and Cory Catfish, are easier and less expensive to keep and other species of tropical fish.
  3. Tropical and marine fish come in an amazing and wonderful array of sizes, shapes and stunningly wonderful vibrant colors.
  4. Keeping fish costs much less than other household pets.
  5. Some types of fish are very playful, and can be trained to interact with their owners.

Health Benefits For Keeping A Fish Tank

Reef AquariumReef Aquarium

More men, women and children are becoming enthusiasts of raising fish on their own. Not only do fish aquariums make a beautiful addition to any room, but they actually provide health benefits to some people.

People who suffer from high stress or high blood pressure, increased anxiety, or depression find that having a fish aquarium is the equivalent of engaging in relaxation, and calming techniques.

From adults with Alzheimer's to children with a hyperactivity disorder, or an adult who just feels overwhelmed and stressed out, fish tanks can bring a piece of calm into their lives.

Aquariums can sometimes have a soothing sound of the flow of water depending on your aquarium set up.

They can also be quiet if you prefer it that way. The sounds of water stirring can be very relaxing. Most tanks have a lighting system that is also comforting.

So you can lay it with the lights turned off or down, and bask in the beauty of a gorgeous fish tank glow, complete with amazing examples of tropical or marine life swimming around.

Many people keep fish for enjoying nature that we like humans will not often see on dry land.

The underwater world - whether tropical or marine is full of colorful fish that are just mesmerizing to watch!

There are two different types of fish you can start with - freshwater and saltwater. Saltwater is considered the marine variety of fish and freshwater - the tropical fish.

Marine clownfishMarine clownfish

When researching a new tropical or marine aquarium it is very important to follow these important instructions before buying your new fish tank.

A larger beginner aquarium will help speed up the fish aquarium cycle when you get started on your aquarium set up and also avoid the need to upgrade your tropical or marine tank.

When buying your fish tank , remember that you will also have the right equipment to fit that particular tank, including lighting (day / night bulbs), a heater, fish tank decorations and a good quality filter .

A larger fish aquarium is absolutely vital for the bigger species of fish that you will buy, keeping them healthy and happy, and free of stress!

If your fish aquarium is purchased through your local aquatic store, or just online, it is important to know that many different shapes and heights / lengths of aquariums are available for purchase.

tropical fish tanks

Tropical Fish Tanks

Fish Tanks

Marine Fish Tanks

Custom Fish

Custom Fish Tanks

Beginner Fish TAnks

Beginner Aquariums

Which Fish Tank Will You Choose?

Some popular brands of fish tanks include Fluval and Juwel . These companies produce high quality functional starter aquariums that have become popular throughout the world.

Most types of aquariums are rectangle , round , cylindrical , corner,  hexagonal  and even the bow-fronted type.

Rectangle and bow fronted aquariums provide the largest surface area in relation to their volume.

While the higher aquariums can be visually appealing, they make cleaning and maintenance tasks more difficult. (As you have to reach further down to clean the bottom of the fish tank!)

Once you've researched and decided what types of fish you want, and which fish tank meets your needs, then it's time to shop around.

Generally, there are two basic types of fish aquariums available for purchase. These are basic glass or acrylic tanks  and completed fish aquarium kits .

Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A standard glass or acrylic tank is a no-frills tank. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase everything else to make this tank work properly. This means buying the filtration, water pump, thermometer, water heater, fish tank stand or cabinet.

Buying these items separately can be more expensive than buying a completed set-up fish aquarium; although it does allow you to custom build your tank to your own individual requirements.

Giving proper consideration and thought to which fish tank is best suited for your budget, you can rest assured that you and your fish will enjoy your new fish aquarium for many years to come.

If you want to start your tropical or marine fish tank journey the right way - I recommend that you start with a least a 20 gallon fish tank as these size aquariums are much easier to maintain, than a 5 or 10 gallon aquarium.