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Which Fish Tank Frequently Asked Questions

I have created a Which Fish Tank Frequently Asked Questions page - for some of the questions that I have been e-mailed. These are just a selection of the most popular ones.

This FAQs Page will also be an interactive one where questions not listed here can be posted by visitors to the site.

ALSO for all you fish aquarium experts who have answers to any of the new questions featured here, you can post them here as well!

You have an opportunity to share your experience with new aquarists looking for the answers to questions that they have not been able to find elsewhere.

Find the easy fill out form below, under the Which Fish Tank FAQs list of questions and answers - where you can post your questions and / or answers.

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WFT FAQs - Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question : Why do my new tropical fish keep dying? 

  • Question:  Tropical fish tanks for beginners - What are the best ones to start with?
  • Answer: This is a difficult question to answer because many fish beginners have their own ideas about which beginner tank they want and should buy first.  In my opinion the biggest tank you can afford (ideally a 90-110 liter tank works best for starter tanks) - is cheaper in the long term, and can ultimately hold more fish. For these reasons - I recommend a Jewel Primo 110 Aquarium as a great tropical fish tank for beginners.

  • Question:  What are the best fish tank types to buy for a beginner?
  • Answer:   Goldfish (coldwater) and Tropical tanks are the best buy for the beginner aquarist - but I would strongly suggest buying the biggest tank you can afford - a 90 liter tropical tank would be ideal for people starting off with the hobby, because it's easier to set up and cycle before adding your new fish.

  • Question:  Best fish tank brands?
  • Answer:   For experience and longevity in fish aquarium manufacturing - you can't go far wrong with Juwel, Fluval And Giesemann Aquarium Tanks.

  • Question:   How easy is it to cycle a fish tank?
  • Answer:    I have created a whole page dedicated to this question because it cannot be answered in a simple yes or no. Go here -  FishAquariumCycle

  •  Question:  How many fish are there in a 90 litre tropical tank?
  • Answer:   That depends on the size of all the species of fish, eg: neon tetra and danio's - you could have 15 - 18 fish or if larger fish eg: Congo tetra - you could only have about 8 in your 90 litre tank.

  • Question:   Are large corner fish tanks ideal for everyone?
  • Answer:  I would say no   - due to their size, and weight for instance - a large 350 corner aquarium is only suited to an experienced fish aquarist. These tanks need a large corner area of ​​a room, and ideally a solid concrete / cement floor to take their full weight.

  • Question:   First fish to keep for new aquarists?
  • Answer:   I would suggest Goldfish for cold-water tanks, or Guppies, Corydoras Catfish, Danio's and Rasborahs (These fish are quite tough and do well in a variety of conditions because of this - they are a perfect first choice for tropical tanks) or go here - small aquarium fish .

  • Question:  Best place to buy an aquarium online?
  • Answer:   There is so much choice and variety - whether you want tropical / cold water or a marine fish tank, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of suppliers on the internet that are wanting you to buy their products. But brand recognition and reputation prevails - which is why many customers purchase directly from Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and aquarium manufacturers such as Juwel and Fluval .

  • Question: How long do you leave a tropical fish tank before adding fish.
  • Answer: For best success in establishing a new aquarium, wait until your ammonia and nitrite levels have risen and then fallen to zero before adding fish. This usually takes about 3-6 weeks for the Nitrogen cycle; during this time limit yourself to one or two per week.

  • Question: Do fish get bored living in a tank.
  •  Answer: The fish in your tank might not be bored of, but rather stressed from its unfamiliar or over-crowded surroundings.

  •  Question: How long should water sit before adding tropical fish.
  •  Answer: If you want a healthy aquarium, make sure to maintain the water flow and temperature. The filter should be properly functioning or else your fish will not thrive. A heater is also necessary for stable temperatures in an indoor tank set-up - it may take up to 24 hours before the new settings are fully effective so wait at least this amount of time before adding new fish.

  • Question: How do i know my tank is cycled.

  • Answer: When nitrite levels reach a certain point, Nitro-bacter bacteria will transform the nitrites into more stable and less toxic nitrates. When your tank water has no detectable amount of ammonia or nitrites, it is cycled!

  • Question: Is too much water conditioner bad for your new fish
  • Answer: Adding too much water conditioner to your tank, is not necessarily bad for your fish - adding 5 to 15 mls is fine - although I would not advise to empty a full bottle of water conditioner into your new fish tank.

  • Question:Can a 50% water change kill your new fish.
  • Answer: It's possible - depending on the size of your small aquarium.If you're a fish keeper or fish breeder, it's probably no surprise to have heard that water changes are vitally important. But what about the size of your tank? In small tanks, 20% is often sufficient for weekly maintenance; but in larger ones like 150 gallons or more, 30-35% can be enough on a monthly basis!