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tropical fish tanks for beginners

Tropical fish tanks for beginners - why you should buy your first aquarium.

While a tropical aquarium is an undeniably stunning and valuable asset to own, much goes into realizing this objective. As a beginner, it is best that you get a tropical fish aquarium that is not only pleasing to the eye but also gives your tropical fish the best chances of success. 

When you are starting out, there is a lot for you to consider and keep in mind and without a proper guide, things can quickly take a downward spiral and get reasonably overwhelming.

  • Why should I have a tropical tank?
  • What type of tropical fish tank is best for me?
  • What fish species should I stock?
  • Where do I get the fish from?

Tropical Fish TankTropical Fish Tank

Luckily though, this guide seeks to answer all these and much more questions about tropical fish tanks for beginners. Not only will it help you find the best option to suit your needs, but it also walks you through all the key aspects and decisions that need to be made to get a beautiful tropical aquarium that satisfies the "aquarium enthusiast" in you. 

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 tropical fish tanks for beginners - Why Would you buy one.

As a beginner, it is not uncommon to wonder why individuals invest in fish tanks. However, before we get into the details, there is a need to understand what drives people to invest in tropical tanks.

Undeniably, tropical fish tanks are a sight to behold and are perhaps one of the main reasons any beginner would want to own one.

Many individuals own tropical aquariums purely due to the splendor and beauty that emanates from the diverse tropical fish species.

Also, having a tropical fish tank allows fish lovers to stock and breed an assortment of rare fish species not to mention the fact that it is simply a dazzling showpiece to enhance the appeal of either a business or your home.

Shoal Of FishShoal Of Fish

Make Your Choice Between Freshwater Or Marine Fish Tanks

What is perhaps your most significant decision as a beginner is to decide on whether you will start up a saltwater or freshwater fish tank. Usually saltwater fish tanks mandate for extra equipment with the fish themselves generally more expensive.

What's more, besides the expensive cost of the saltwater fish species, if you do also decide to include corals, they can add up to the cost. Generally, there are various saltwater setups from which you can choose from including reef aquariums, FOWLR, and fish-only aquariums.

What you will also find is that when it comes to setting up a saltwater fish tank, it is a lot more tasking. Not only do you have to buy a hydrometer to test the levels of salinity, but you also need to mix the saltwater to perform a water change.

Similarly, there are also some similar tasks if you decide to start up a freshwater fish tank too - for instance the fact that you will have to prepare the water with a purifier for the water changes.

Furthermore, if you add corals, you will also have to get a special metal halide lighting that is quite costly not just because of the purchase price but also running the tank.

While power compact lighting is also suitable for some corals, it is however still pricier than standard light which you would get in tropical fish tanks. Nonetheless, despite being costly and mandating for more effort to operate, there are numerous reasons for the popularity of saltwater fish tanks.

Finally, there is also a less common but still popular option known as a cold water fish tank. Unlike the tropical freshwater tank or the marine fish tank, this tank does not require a heater to keep the water warm and usually relies on cold water. This is an excellent option for goldfish species among others that don't need a heater or warm water.

In general though, as a beginner, the recommended option is to go for a tropical fish tank. Not only are there stunning species to enjoy, but you are more likely to have success with it compared to saltwater aquariums.

Tropical FishTropical Fish

How Are Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Tanks Different? 

As a beginner, it is worth noting that there are several distinct differences between a saltwater and freshwater tank. This is important since it will help you narrow down your options and ultimately settle for the best type of aquarium for your needs.

Some of the significant differences worth noting include:

  • As earlier mentioned, marine fish tanks will usually require more maintenance efforts in comparison to typical freshwater fish tanks. Substantially, everything narrows down to what you put in the tank.

  •  Marine/saltwater fish aquariums are just but more adorable compared to tropical fish aquariums. With marine tanks, the presence of coral reefs, in particular, makes them a sight to behold offering both beauty and elegance. This is usually because marine fish species are generally more stunning and colorful than their freshwater counterparts.

  • Another major difference between the two tanks is the cost. Saltwater fish tanks are generally more expensive compared to typical freshwater tanks.

  • Finally, compared to saltwater marine aquariums, tropical fish tanks are generally sturdier and mandate for fewer maintenance efforts.

In the end, it all comes to individual preference. The choice between saltwater and freshwater fish tanks all comes to what best captivates you! 

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