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Juwel Fish Aquariums

Juwel Aquarium LogoJuwel Aquarium Logo

Discover Juwel Fish Aquariums here! .Find out which aquarium model and size fit best to your living space.

The Juwel Fish Aquariums Company, based in Germany, has been one of the premier brands of fish tanks in Europe for over 45 years.

One of the reasons Juwel fish tanks are so trusted, is that the creators had a unique vision for keeping fish and ensured that its technology and design was carefully planned before building each actual fish tank.

There are several quality aquarium products that they have developed.

Check out these Juwel Fish Aquariums

    Rio-Line The Rio Aquarium's compact, rectangular structure will fit nicely into any size room, and it also has curved front panels. You can really admire the colorful fish  swimming around in the the Rio 125, the smallest aquarium in the Rio product range.

    Vision-Line The Vision 180 is the smallest aquarium from this line you can purchase. Despite its small size, the sleek, modern design will give a beautiful presence to any room !.
Juwel Vision 180 AquariumJuwel Vision 180 Aquarium

Trigon-Line Built with only three corners, the innovative design of Trigon aquarium creates an optical illusion of depth. Ideally this tank can be a stunning Corner Fish tanks

Juwel Trigon 190 AquariumJuwel Trigon 190 Aquarium

  •  Lido LineThe Lido Aquarium's structure is inspired by cubism and is perfect for a saltwater fish tank setup. It is perfect for any location in your home.
Juwel Lido 200 AquariumJuwel Lido 200 Aquarium

  • Vio LineThe Vio Aquarium is custom designed for shrimps, crabs, and other invertebrates. Its stylish curved front panels also allow you to view your aquarium from almost every direction.
Juwel Vio AquariumJuwel Vio Aquarium

Primo-LineThis Jewel Primo Aquarium  is one of the most efficient fish tanks available in the marketplace today.

It comes with an advanced filtering system and stylish  LED lighting that can make an impressive and enhanced addition to your living space.

Juwel Primo AquariumJuwel Primo Aquarium

What's Inside Juwel Fish Aquariums?

All of the Juwel Fish Aquariums can be purchased with a base cabinet that can match the same color as the aquarium and have ample space to store your accessories and equipment.

Juwel also makes special action media that will leave the water in your aquarium exceptionally clean and clear. These include carbon sponges that will eliminate toxic compounds, nitrax to remove nitrates, phorax to reduce phosphates, and cirax, which will create the best environment for good bacteria growth.

Juwel Fish Aquariums also meet the highest standards for safety according to the German industry for aquarium manufacturing, and all of their products are tested and certified by the German TUV.

Tips and Precautions

If you are thinking about, or have already become a proud new owner of a Juwel Aquarium, you may want to consider the following tips to help get the most out of your new tank while ensuring that your fish are happy and healthy as well.

  • Some of Juwel's smaller fish tanks still come with a single tube light which does not spread light as effectively.
  • One customer found a solution of cutting a sheet of reflective acrylic to size and sticking it inside the tank with either silicon or tape. Juwel's later models do have T5 lights that will give optimum lighting that allows wonderful growth of your plants and corals.
  • The sound of the powerhead in Jewel Aquariums is very quiet —However, it can resonate from time to time. To prevent this, ensure that all lids are securely closed. You can also apply weatherstrip on the inside of the hood where it touches the glass which will really help.
  • Be sure to check the pump regularly. The impeller may have dirt and snails stuck to it that can cause noise.
  • Juwel's heaters run very efficiently —However, they do not work well when out of the water. If the water is displaced by 5 cm, then make sure to turn the heater off!
  • Juwel's filter discreetly covers the heater, but it is glued to the right of the fish tank— Although this can be unsightly to look at, Juwel does manufacture special sections of background material that can easily be glued to the filter box to make this more pleasing to the eye.

As you can see, products by Juwel are of the highest quality and do require a bit of maintenance to keep your aquarium running smoothly.

This level of care, however, is no more than any standard aquarium and will easily become a simple and minor part of your daily or weekly routine.

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