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 Beginner fish tanks and starter kit aquariums

Beginner fish tanks are the perfect option for those who have little or no experience in keeping fish. They are easy to set up and even easier to maintain.

Your hardest job? Deciding which one to buy.

That's where we come in. We're here to help you learn the basics like what type of equipment you'll need and which fish to purchase first in order to experience fish keeping success.

Ready? Great! Let's get started!

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Top 3 Mistakes Newbies Make Setting Up Their Fish Tank.

Lady Choosing Fish TankLady Choosing Fish Tank

Many people think that beginner fish tanks should be really small in size. While many kits are sold this way, it’s not entirely true. A larger sized fish tank will generally be more stable and easier to maintain, and cheaper to run - long term.

They will also provide your fish with more comfortable space in which to live. The larger volume of water contained in this type of fish take will mean that if something goes wrong you have a longer time frame in which to fix it. In my opinion, a 90-litre fish aquarium is ideal for beginners.

If costs are an issue, then it may be worth purchasing a fish tank starter kit. These kits contain all the equipment you will need to set up your tank.

The most common type of equipment that is used in beginner fish tanks includes a suitable internal water filter, a heater tube, Light Bulbs ( for day and night use), and a thermometer.

Top Brands Of beginner Fish Tanks

Beginner Fish Tanks Equipment

Filters And Heaters

The fish tank water filter is used to remove harmful particles from the water, which will mean clean and safe water for your fish to live in.

Heaters provide the right temperatures for your fish to thrive. This is particularly essential if you are wanting to house a number of tropical fish who need temperatures of between 22°C - 29°C in order to keep healthy and survive.


Aquarium plant lighting is used for the plants in your fish tank. If you are not wanting to keep live plants then the lighting system will only be required to view the fish at night time. The substrate refers to all types of sand or gravel used at the bottom of the tank.

You can also buy all types of decor, including stones, driftwood, ornaments, and bubble making apparatus, which make the tank interesting to look at and give your fish something to interact with.

Fish Aquarium Kit

A completed fish aquarium kit includes the cover, and all the required equipment and accessories to get you started right away with fish keeping. Purchasing this type of tank can be a good option only if you are unsure about what you will need when you first start off this hobby.

Perhaps the only disadvantage may be the fact that you will not be able to buy the exact type of equipment you want or need, regardless of specification and manufacturer.

Items that will be purchased separately include tank cleaning materials and water sample test kits, so make sure your new aquarium is ready for your fresh aquarium fish.

Which Fish Do You Want To Raise?

Shoal Of FishShoal Of Fish

More and more men, women and children are becoming avid enthusiasts of raising fish on their own.

Beginner fish tanks make a beautiful addition to any room, buy they actually provide health benefits to some people.

People who suffer from high blood pressure or stress, increased anxiety, or depression, find that having a fish tank is the equivalent to engaging in some much needed stress relief.

From adults with alzheimer's to children with a hyperactivity disorder, or an adult who just feels overwhelmed and stressed out, a fish tank can bring a piece of calm into their lives.

Beginner fish tanks can sometimes emit a soothing sound of the flow of water, depending on your setup. They can also be quiet if you prefer it that way. The sounds of water stirring can be very relaxing.

Most fish tanks have a lighting system that is also comforting. So you could lay there with the lights turned off, or down, and bask in the beauty of a gorgeous fish tank glow, complete with incredible specimens of tropical or marine life swimming around. 

Many people raise fish not to use the benefit of stress relief, but to simply enjoy a part of nature that we, as humans, don’t often get to see on dry land. The underwater world is amazing and teeming with life that we are in awe of consistently.

There are two different types of fish you can start with – freshwater and saltwater. Saltwater is considered the marine variety and freshwater is the tropical version.

Freshwater Fish For Your Tank 

You have the ability to mix and match the fish in your tank. You don’t have to pick just one. But in some cases, a single species can wreak havoc on the entire tank’s inhabitants.

For example, Betta fish are popular with beginners, but they’re also known as fighting fish. You have to know which species are compatible so that you don’t wake up the next day and see one fish in your tank with 3 other missing or floating.

You want to choose strong fish that do well with beginners before you eventually upgrade to more fragile types. Some fish demand more attention and care than others.

Aside from Bettas, you might consider:

Your online or local pet store can help you decide based on what you want to see in your aquarium – in addition to the level of care and attention they require.

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