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Fluval Fish Aquariums

It's a simple fact that many fish enthusiasts prefer Fluval fish aquariums.
I found out about this brand eight years ago, when like you, I decided to bring the deep love I have for the underwater world to my very own living room.

Fluval Logo

Fluval is a world renowned aquatic product brand that, with its highly innovative products, has been serving the needs of fish hobbyists for the last thirty years. Since getting introduced to this brand, I haven't had to look anywhere else for any of my fish tank needs.

On this page, you are going to discover the different models available in this brand range. When we review their collection, you will be able to confidently pick the Fluval fish aquarium that is specifically right for your requirements.

Fluval Fish Aquariums - Quality As Standard

One of the many things I love about Fluval is the versatility available when it comes to their products. They have something for everyone when it comes to colour, size and even shape.

Another reason why I like Fluval fish aquariums so much is simply because their products last...and they last a long time. I have required little to no maintenance on the ones I have purchased from them.

Also, almost all of their products come equipped with the essential elements needed for its optimal functioning. I have found that this cuts costs, avoids costly mistakes, saves lots of time and prevents the need for research to find the right equipment later on.

Now, let's look at the 6 models of Fluval fish aquariums!

Fluval Edge

Fluval Edge LED AquariumFluval Edge LED Aquarium

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

With this range, Fluval has decided to give a modern spin to traditional aquariums. The pieces in this collection have a mesmerising design which gives it a floating appearance, while all the necessary wiring and other components, like the filtration system, remain hidden away from the viewers' sight.

What's great about this design is that the fishes are viewable from every angle, making it almost like a magical 3D water cube. Another thing to note is that this fish aquarium is perfect for those who want a fish tank but don't have a lot of space for it.

Because of its compact design, they can fit in most spaces and complement most décors.There are 23 and 46 litre versions of this particular tank too.

Fluval Chi

Fluval Chi AquariumFluval Chi Aquarium

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

This model range contains the chi, Ebi Shrimp, Flora Plant and Spec Desktop Aquariums. What makes this collection unique is its compact size. This can make for a stunning showpiece without taking much space.

Whether it be a counter-top décor or a centerpiece, the fluval fish aquariums in this collection are very elegant and are guaranteed to attract people's attention. The compact size is perfect for small fishes, shrimps, pond snails or plants.

It is a great way to capture the beauty of the sea world and add its miniature version into your own space. They are built with all the necessary elements already installed.

Fluval Roma

Fluval Roma 90 AquariumFluval Roma 90 Aquarium

Image courtesy of Fluval Aquatics.Com/Uk/Roma

Fluval's three collections of Italian design are made complete with these rectangular-shaped aquariums that come equipped with their corresponding cabinets. These pieces offer a clean and stylish look to any home, and they accentuate the crisp angles you find in today’s modern age of interior designs.

The glass on these tanks means they're strong, durable, resistant against scratches which if you have kids would be a great choice. All models come equipped with powerful internal filters except the Fluval Roma 240 comes preinstalled with an external filter - this makes it super easy for beginners (or anyone.)

You'll also find built in heaters included as well! These really keep everything heated evenly inside, making the perfect environment for your fish to enjoy.

Fluval Vicenza

Fluval Vicenza AquariumFluval Vicenza Aquarium

Images courtesy of Fluval Aquatics.Com/Uk

The Fluval Vicenza aquarium, with a modern design and attractive facade, is perfect for people who want something that complements their tropical or contemporary décor. With two different sizes to choose from (180-litre capacity and 260 litre.)

The Fluval Vicenza aquarium is a sleek and modern design that will look good in any living room. It has two base colours-  oak or wenge - (reddish brown colour) titanium or zebrano - (mid brown colour.)

Fluval Venezia

Fluval Venezia AquariumFluval Venezia Aquarium

Image courtesy of Ebay.com

The aquariums in this collection are specifically made to add light and glamour to any plain and boring corner.

They are shaped to perfectly fit into any corner of a room, which means that without taking much space, it can make a bold impression and a perfect home for your aquatic display, whether it be minimal, exotic or lush in style.

The aquariums in this model line-up also come with their own corresponding two door solid cabinets that are designed to support the weight of its matching aquarium.

It also has a pre-drilled base to neatly conceal the external filter. Powerful T5 lights, heater, thermometer, water conditioner and fish food are just some of the added elements that come with each of the aquarium kits.

So if you are looking for a corner fish tank specifically to spruce up a room, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a Fluval Venezia aquarium.

Fluval Fresh

Fluval Fresh AquariumFluval Fresh Aquarium

Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

What I love about the fresh model range, is that each of the aquariums are made to put on a performance.

The star of this aquarium is the adjustable LED lighting, mounted on top of the tank, with different day and night settings that perfectly brings out the true beauty and vibrancy of the aquatic scenery present below.

The light also helps the live plants grow. All the aquariums in this range come with a shield on the top of the tank to prevent the fishes from jumping out of the water.

There are two tone cabinets available made from laminated wood for each aquarium. They also come with an external filter and an M100 Watt submersible heater.

There are 3 sizes available in this lineup  - 58,85 and 129-litre capacity.

Fluval fish Aquariums: Where affordability meets excellence

With Fluval fish aquariums, you are guaranteed to be satisfied. That is what I have found, time and time again, in the last three years of being a customer.

I have never been disappointed with any of their aquariums. They come fully equipped with all the essential equipment which prevents me from overspending.

Also, I can confidently say that their products are highly durable. All the Fluval fish aquariums are in pristine condition even after more than 3 years. I've never had to replace any of my aquariums.

Their prices are very attractive, and so is the quality. You will not be disappointed if your next tropical or marine tank has the Fluval name attached to it.

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