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Your 90 Litre Aquarium 

Your 90 litre aquarium can be a much-needed solution to all your beginner fish tank woes.

Aquariums are beautiful to have for a focal point in your home or office because they are mesmerising to look at and to know that these tanks provide more health benefits to everyone?

If you have kids in your home, a 90 litre aquarium will be educational and fun to watch and learn. Also, studies clearly show that aquariums are therapeutic because by viewing them you will reduce stress, lower your blood pressure and benefit from the calming effect.

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Fluval Roma 90 Litre AquariumFluval Roma 90 Litre Aquarium

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Your 90 litre aquarium will make a great impression in your home and offer fun activities for your entire family. In your office or workplace, it will boost the morale and eventually increase the productivity. It will also bring in more visitors - who will watch the colourful mesmerising fish.

Aquariums are available in various shapes and sizes and for the best results; you have to select the best for your home or workplace. In the beginner stage, going for a large fish tank is always essential. Here are some of the things to keep in mind during your shopping.  

The Material

When buying your 90 litre aquarium, you have to think about the material. The market offers only two choices – acrylic and glass. The glass material is not only cheap, but it is more substantial than the acrylic material.

Due to its brittleness, a sharp impact will break the glass into pieces. Manufacturers only supply them in two shapes – rectangular and square. 

Alternatively, an acrylic aquarium allows you to see the contents clearly, which is not the case to expect with the glass counterparts because they distort the size, the shape and the colour of fish. Unluckily, acrylic material is more prone to yellowing and scratching. 

Even accidental brushing, moving, shipping or any other handling can leave visible scratches on the tank. Therefore, unless you already know the best way to handle this material, glass is a lot safer. An acrylic tank will require a large stand to support the whole bottom of it.

Water Type

The water type will highly affect your 90 litre aquarium. Tropical, Coldwater or Marine. Most beginner fish hobbyists choose tropical - (As it is a lot cheaper to set up than Marine for instance).

If you choose the marine tank - during your shopping, you have to decide whether you will need additional equipment like, a water heater, a water chiller or a protein skimmer.

Fish Tank Lighting

Lighting is a vital consideration. Moreover, because fluorescent lamps are now virtually obsolete, you have to think about LED lights.

Put differently, LED lighting systems are energy efficient and are available in various options, including some that can dim and change the colour. They allow programming of a night and day cycle.

You can make moonlight and approximate the noon sunlight. The aquarium lighting will help you display the complete fish habitat and create a perfect and relaxing mood in your home. 

Closed Or Open Top Tank

Both closed and open top aquariums have their individual benefits.Your 90 litre aquarium will feature a clip-on or suspended light.Such products are more attractive and allow the user to see the fish from various angles.

However, with such a tank, you should expect higher evaporation rates and many types of water pollutants. The most common contaminants include dust, insecticides and airborne chemicals, which can poison or even kill your fish. 

Please note - some lowly priced aquariums feature hoods that allow the user to hide a few things, such as lights inside them.

If that will not be attractive in your home, you might need to consider your 90-litre aquarium with clip-on or suspended light.

A few models come with a hinged glass top or sliding one. With such a tank, you will be able to shine a LED lamp through its glass top and reduce the evaporation rate. 

Accessorizing Your 90 Litre Aquarium

Filters, heaters, and lights are some of the accessories that go hand in hand with quality 90 litre aquariums, but before choosing to buy one, you should decide whether they should be elegant or economical.

Apart from being an essential part of your life, aquariums will also decorate your home. Most aquarists desire to develop an aquarium that resembles a portion of the ocean or river and, therefore, hiding some artificial elements is essential. 

Some cheap gadgets like submersible heaters are hard to hide. Some versions hang over the tank’s lip and rarely stick out.

 A good solution is to go for a sump, a separate tank and put your stuff in it. You can then hide the sump through a wall or inside a cabinet.


Smaller fish tanks are priced lower than 90 litre fish aquariums, and while that may seem attractive, the larger aquarium is, the better one in the long run regarding cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

Extra space means there will be no need for an upgrade when you decide to add a few more fish to your fish tank, only introduce the new guys to the gang in your 90 litre aquarium, and they’re bound to get on very well with one another.

The larger volume of water present in these size of tanks works to counteract the effects of pollutants in the aquarium eco-system.  

Whether for the look, feel or just the value for money, very few other fish tanks match this 90 litre aquarium overall. Its more than impressive features set at a pocket-friendly price makes this tank aquarium the ideal choice for virtually any fish hobbyist.

Its versatility grants it the title of ‘jack of all trades – but this time master of the beginner fish enthusiast.’ If you are in the market for your 90-litre aquarium, congratulations you've found one!

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