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Using a water conditioner for fish tank is one of the best ways to ensure the quality of the , aquarium water in your new fish tank. Poor quality water can swiftly kill all of the fish and plants that are unfortunate enough to dwell there.

Filling your aquarium with plain tap water is a recipe for disaster, as excessive levels of chlorine and chloramine in tap water can be fatal to your aquarium fish.

The good news is that it's quite simple to get rid of chlorine in your fish tank. Despite the fact that chlorine and chloramine are safe for people, they must be removed from the water before being introduced to your aquarium, using a top quality water conditioner.

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What are Water Conditioners And How Do They Work?

Water conditioners are usually in the form of liquids and are reasonably cheap to buy. They function by breaking the links between chlorine and ammonia, effectively eliminating chlorine from the water.

Heavy metals and other hazardous compounds are removed from tap water by the best water conditioners for fish, making the water fully safe for your fish. Some may even add a protective "slime" to your water, which helps the fish's health by providing a barrier between their scales and any toxins in the water.

What are the best water conditioners for Fish Tank

There is simply too much choice when it comes to selecting a water conditioner for your home aquarium. It's easy for a newcomer to feel overwhelmed. Which water conditioner is the best? Will the one I bought even get the job done?

There are several high-quality water conditioners on the market, but we recommend the following three:

Seachem Prime

It's only fitting that we begin with Seachem Prime. After all, it's a genuine bestseller when it comes to aquarium water treatments. Not only that, but it also received nearly 900 Amazon reviews. What's even more impressive is that it received such a high average rating from so many customers.

Seachem Prime

Seachem Prime Water Conditioner

Image courtesy of Amazon.com

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You may treat up to 5,000 gallons of tap water with the 500-ml container. It eliminates chlorine and chloramine from the water, transforms ammonia into a non-toxic form, and detoxifies nitrite and nitrate so the bio-filter can more effectively remove them.

Because it isn't acidic, the pH of the water isn't impacted. However, any heavy metals in the water are rendered harmless to animals and plants. It also doesn't make your protein skimmers overactive. It even encourages fish to spontaneously develop and renew slime coats.

This Prime is Seachem's main product, and it's a smash hit. You will also be given very detailed instructions. For every 50 gallons of water, simply add a capful (5 ml). If you're using less water, just use the appropriate dosage. You can use the cap because each thread equals approximately 1 ml.

Simply add it to the new water; however, if you're directly putting it to the aquarium, you'll need to calculate the volume of the aquarium water. Use a double dosage if the chloramine level is high. Use up to 5 times the standard dosage for nitrite detoxification in an emergency. If the water temperature is over 86 degrees F and the chlorine and ammonia levels are low, only use half a dose.


  • It has a lot of positive feedback online and is a best-seller, so it's very popular amongst fish keepers.
  • It promotes the growth of natural slime coats.


  • No major issues reported with the product.

API tap Water Conditioner

Help protect your fish from the dangers of tap water with API Tap Water Conditioner. Chlorine and heavy metals found in most filters can cause gill damage, breathing difficulty or stress which ultimately leads to their death if not treated immediately.

This product is a must-have for any fish keepers toolbox. One teaspoon will treat ten gallons, and it's safe to use in both fresh or salt water! It also makes an excellent start up when changing over from one type of aquarium water to another - just make sure you dilute the product with great care.

API Tap Water Conditioner

API Tap Water Conditioner

Image courtesy of Chewy.com

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  • It includes step-by-step dosing guidance
  • Because of its high concentration, a 16-ounce container may treat up to 9,600 gallons, making it last nearly twice as long as Seachem Prime.
  • It's safe for humans to use, which is why some individuals add it to their shampoo after swimming in the pool. It's also good for rinsing your bathing suit.


  • Small tanks require additional instructions because the dosing guidelines start at 20 gallons. You'll need to purchase an eyedropper and then contact API to determine how many drops you'll require for your small tank.

Tetra Aqua safe PLUS

The Tetra AquaSafe Plus Freshwater & Marine Aquarium Water Conditioner is the perfect solution for those living in areas with hard tap water.

This product not only removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals but also has seaweed extracts to help promote growth of beneficial filter bacteria!

In terms of volume, this is a cheaper alternative to Seachem Prime, especially for a 1-litre (33.8-ounce) bottle.

It is, however, expensive in terms of the number of gallons it can treat. That's because you'll need 5 mL (or 7 drops per gallon) for every 10 gallons. So we do the arithmetic, and 1 litre can only treat 2,000 litres of water.

Tetra Aquasafe Plus

Tetra Aqua safe Plus

Image courtesy of Chewy.com

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  • It takes care of everything Seachem Prime takes care of, including ammonia.
  • It enriches the water with vitamins and minerals for your fish.
  • It even has stress-relieving slime in it.
  • The bottle can also be used as a dispenser. The cap can be used to gauge the dosage, and the bottle can also be squeezed to add droplets.


  • It's quite costly. It costs more than twice as much as Seachem Prime.
  • Slime isn't always beneficial to fish, especially when they don't require it.

Is it necessary to use a water conditioner

When you're setting up a new aquarium, the most obvious time to use a water conditioner is. You should treat the entire aquarium with the specified dosage of the conditioner you purchased before beginning the nitrogen cycle.

When performing a water change, another time to utilise a conditioner is. Each time a new batch of water is introduced to your aquarium, it must first be treated.

A decent grade water conditioner should be a mainstay in your cupboard if you conduct regular water changes. It's quite useful.

You'll need to treat the water as well if you're treating a sick fish and need to set up a quarantine tank, or even if you're building up a separate tank for breeding. A water conditioner must be used whenever you utilise tap water in your aquarium hobby.


After careful research, it is difficult to pass a final verdict on which of these water conditioners is the best.

But as far as this blog post is concerned, these products will definitely help any beginner. - Which one will you choose? 

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