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What Is A Tv Fish Tank?

People seem to be making all sorts of old and antique devices into a Tv fish tank these days. You can see coffee tables, sinks, and even toilets made into fish tanks! So what is exactly is a Tv fish tank?.

Well, they’re just what they sound like!

Television fish tanks are aquariums that are made out of old tube TVs, by replacing the interior of the television with a fish tank.

The result is a really cool looking aquarium that gives the impression that your fish are on the TV screen.

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Tv Fish TankTv Fish Tank

Where Can I Get A TV Fish Tank?

Because the television has to be an old tube style one in order to fit a whole fish tank inside, this style of aquarium also gives a cool retro look to your room.

You can house your favourite finned friends in a really unique tank that will impress all of your house guests.

You can probably find a website on-line to buy one of these impressive TV fish aquariums, but it’s a little difficult to find a good one, and you’re probably looking at a couple hundred dollars to buy one.

If you happen to have an old TV lying around, or know where you could get one, then you might want to make your own TV fish tank.

How Do I Make One?

It’s not all that hard to do, and there are plenty of websites that have step-by-step instructions, often with helpful pictures, about how to make this neat item. But the basic premise behind making one of these tv fish tanks is simple.

  • Unscrew the back or side of the old television set, depending on which model you’re using, and carefully remove the electrical components inside, including the screen. Try not to break anything because some of these materials are very dangerous.

  • After the shell is empty, measure the space you now have inside, and get a fish tank that will comfortably fit in that space. Keep in mind that you’ll want space inside the TV shell to hold the water filter, aquarium light, or other components.

  • Carefully cut the top of the TV shell so you can add hinges to one side and make a lid. This allows you to more easily get to the top of your fish tank to feed your fish and clean their water.

  • Waterproof the inside of the TV set, just in case water spills inside. You want this aquarium to last a long time and not get water damage.
  • Then, assemble your tank inside the shell of the TV, cycle the water through for the proper amount of time, and then add your fish!

What To Keep In Mind:

This is a really neat aquarium to have in your house, and all of your guests will be very impressed with your unique tv fish tank.

But people often forget that fish need a lot of care and space, so make sure the size of the tank you use will be enough for the fish you buy, and that you can fit in the proper equipment they will need inside the TV shell, such as filters and heaters, air stones and thermometers.

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