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Tetra Half Moon LED Aquarium

This tetra half moon LED aquarium kit is a 10 gallon tank which features new LED lighting, a very quiet Tetra Whisper filtration unit, which comprises activated charcoal to clear odours and impurities.

For a 10 gallon LED tank - this could be your first choice tank for your new tropical fish.


tetra half moon led aquarium kit

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Impressive Features Of Tetra Half Moon LED Aquarium Kit

Quality Manufacture

Every part of this aquarium is engineered to deliver utmost quality. It has a good looking top section made up of scratch resistant acrylic.

You can view fish clearly from its transparent walls. The top lid can be removed easily whenever needed.

Active Filtration System

The great news for buyers is that its active filtration system works without creating any noise. This filter module can be easily adjusted inside the tank and it keeps on purifying all impurities and odours, that occur in the fish tank.

Heating Mechanism

Tetra have added a 50-watt heater to this aquarium that helps to maintain the temperature of the water inside so that the fish can swim happily. This heater is also fixed inside the filter box so will not take much space inside the tank.

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LED lighting Arrangement

The LED lights are also added to this fish tank so that you can have an eye on fish activities even when it is dark outside. The LED lights fit the top section and back side of the aquarium. Note that, this LED light can also serve your low light plants to complete the photosynthesis process. 

Compact Size

You will find this advanced aquarium unit compact enough; it can fit easily into small space. Its crystal clear walls enhance your view. You will find it an eye-catching addition to your home.

Tetra Half Moon LED Aquarium Kit Pros

  •       Noise-free operation.
  •       The crystal clear appearance that creates excellent appeal.
  • .     Compact shape.
  •       Powerful filter system.
  •       Efficient heating mechanism.    
  •       Easy to keep clean.
  •        Attractive LED lighting added.

Tetra Half Moon LED Aquarium Kit Cons

  • The tank needs frequent water changes.
  •  The tank is only big enough for 1 -2 fish.
  •  Be prepared to buy a larger tank later on.
  •  The LED lighting is prone to failure.

Our Verdict

This Tetra half-moon LED aquarium kit is loaded with distinctive features, which makes it a great addition to any home. Perfect if you are looking for a small fish tank - great value too!

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