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tetra 20 gallon fish tank review

The Tetra 20 gallon fish tank comes with a lot of bells and whistles at an entry-level price.

A filter, a water heater, and very realistic artificial plants are part of the package, but is this enough to consider the Tetra 20-gallon fish tank when looking to buy your first aquarium?

We explore that and more as we take an in-depth look at the features and specifications of this quality fish tank.

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Incredible Features Of This Aquarium

Futuristic LED Hood

One thing you cannot say about the Tetra 20 gallon fish tank is that it’s not stunning.

The slim, stylish, color fusion LED hood plays a huge role in this. It creates a gorgeous shimmer effect on the water, making the aquarium look alive and unique.

You can choose to let the LED lights run through the color cycle or set a specific color.

One other thing to note is that the LED hood utilizes energy-saving bulbs.

Besides lowering your monthly power consumption, this also ensures that you’ll never have to replace a light bulb again.

Quiet Tetra® Whisper Filter

If this is your first attempt at keeping fish, then you probably don’t know that aquarium filters can be annoying to deal with.

Some filters are noisy, others are poorly made, but Tetra’s ® exclusive Whisper Filter is none of those things. It is as quiet as it is powerful, but if pressed to pick one thing to love about this filter, it is exceptionally quiet in doing it's job.

Realistic Plants and Artificial Décor

Along with the filter and a UL heater, this 20-gallon fish tank also comes with artificial décor in the form of two Wonderland plant multi-packs and a blooming white anemone.

This gives the aquarium a nice undersea vibe and provides a hiding spot for fish to keep them from getting stressed out. The plants sway naturally with the filter’s current to create a realistic underwater environment for the fish.

Also included in the artificial plant's package is a small but effective boxwood plant.

Comprehensive Beginners Kit

To recap, the Tetra 20 Gallon fish tank is a great choice because it comes with everything you need to start an aquarium.

In the box, expect to find the tank (a little assembly is required), ColorFusion LED lights, a Tetra® Whisper Filter plus filter bag, a UL heater, some fish flakes, one dose of Tetra  SafeStart, a small net, a thermometer, two plant multi-packs, a small boxwood plant, and a blooming white sea anemone. 

Next, simply add your choice of gravel and water ( wait until the ammonia cycle completes ) then when the water conditions are optimal - add your tropical fish!

Tetra 20 Gallon fish Tank Pros

  • Has a big enough capacity to keep more than a few fish.
  • Features a compact design that makes it great for small spaces.
  • Comes as a complete starter kit that includes a heater and water filter.
  • Comes with artificial aquarium plants.
  • Colorful LED’s can be customized to suit different styles.

Tetra 20 Gallon Fish Tank Cons

  • Customers report that some of the accessories are poorly constructed.
  • You will have to buy your aquarium gravel separately at extra cost.

Our Verdict

Is this the perfect aquarium tank for beginners?

Well, the answer depends on a few things. This 20-gallon Tetra ® fish tank is affordable, first of all, so if you’re on a tight budget, it’s worth considering.

The tank comes with its heater, filter, thermometer, and LED lights at its entry-level price tag.

On the other hand, considering the quality of its accessories might make you hesitate, because they’re not very well made.

Overall, the Tetra ® fish tank offers good value despite its shortcomings.

It is more than a decent choice for the fish beginner looking to start keeping  fish. 

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