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Plants For Tropical Fish

This page takes a look at some of the types of plants for tropical fish, that you can use in your new aquarium.

A planted aquarium is a beautiful sight to behold. They provide the hobbyist with an opportunity to create their own unique eco-system, and allow for much more natural behaviors in fish as they hunt for food.

Plants For Tropical FishVarious Plants Found In A Fish Tank

Tropical plants have the ability to transform a tropical fish tank into a special, colourful underwater world. Not only that, but they also help to maintain the purity of the water, by acting as a natural filtration system.

They can absorb harmful excessive elements and impurities in the water, such as nitrogen. Aquarium plants can also be used to disguise filters and other plastic components in your tank. 

Introduction To Plants For Tropical Fish

Carpet Plants

Carpet plants will spread quickly, and cover the bottom of your tank with a beautiful green carpet. Some types of carpet plants include Utricularia Graminifolia, Sagittaria platyphylla and Sagittaria subulate.

Carpet PlantsCarpet Plants



Natural Moss adds a beautiful look to your tropical fish tank. Mosses are relatively easy to maintain, as they require very little fertiliser or aquarium plant lighting in order to thrive.

You can tie balls of moss onto wood, to create a lovely centrepiece in your tank.

Moss will also slowly naturally spread in your tank. Some common types of moss include flame moss, moss balls, java moss, Christmas moss and Ophelia moss.

Artificial Plants For Tropical Fish

In some areas in your tank, such as where there is insufficient lighting, live fish tank plants will be hard to grow. Artificial aquarium plants can be used to fill in these gaps.

  • Artificial plants are extremely realistic looking, and many people have trouble differentiating them from the real deal. These plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

Foreground Plants For Tropical Fish

Foreground plants are designed to be used at the front of your fish tank. They are usually slow growing, low plants, so that they will not obstruct the view in your tank.

Some aquarium plants that can be used in the foreground of your tank include crytocoryene bullose, cardanine lyrata, and andanubias nana.

Andanubias NanaAndanubias Nana

Background Plants For Tropical Fish

Background plants will grow long, tall leaves, that will fill the back of your fish tank. Great background plants include echinodorus mix, aponogeton bulb and hygrophila genesis.

Aponogeton CrispusAponogeton Crispus

Plant Features

Plant features are ready-made pieces that can be put into your fish tank for a dramatic effect. Some examples are plants that are growing on wood, or on a combination of rock, wood and moss.

They provide an easy and convenient way to transform your tank. You can also make these features yourself at home.

Mixed Potted Plants
Marina Led Aquarium Kit Review | Wh...

Many aquariums and pet stores sell boxes of mixed potted plants for your aquarium. Mixed potted plants are great for people who are first starting up their fish tank, as they can provide you with a colourful selection of plants.

When you are buying a pack of plants it often will cost less than buying them all individually.Plants can be purchased from your local aquarium supply store, or from specialist online retailers.

Always ensure that the types of plants you pick are suitable for use in a tropical aquarium. Choosing the wrong plants can cause an imbalance in the water, and can even be potentially fatal to your fish.

You should also regularly test the PH, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia levels of your water, to ensure it is at a healthy level for your fish to thrive and survive.

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