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Pimped gravel filter biorb 30 tropical

by Gary
(Lincoln, UK.)

My Biorb

My Biorb

A return back to having an aquarium after a 15 yr absence. Liked the Biorb and it’s simplicity, though I have pimped the filter with coarse and medium foam with a lava rock media soil on top, water then enters the Biorb own filter into a fine foam and ceramic media actioned all by the air stone. Decor is a coral reef, small castle and various plastic flowers. Upgraded the LED to the Biorb intelligent LED coloured.
1x Guppy, 6x Neon Tetra, 6x Harlequin Rasboro, 2x Pleco, 2 Nerite Zebra snails and 2 Yellow Sakura shrimp.
Sits next to my desk in the home office and is a welcome distraction during the day to relax.

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