Picture Of My Tropical Fish Tank And Its Fish.

by Pete
(Stockport Ohio)

My Fish

My Fish

1 started my first fish tank when i was 21 years old, i now am 61 - i used 2 sale fish two aquariums shop keep me in supply in fish food air pump ect, used to have 10 tanks running, now just 2 - a 40 gal downstairs and 50 gal in bedroom.I had 6 albino catfish now i got 14. Got up one morning had babies - wow what a surprise. I give kids fish sometime tank to get started and sometime people move away, and they get tired taking care of fish.They give them to me - i like angel fish and Opaline Gourami and all the catfish too !.

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Apr 10, 2017
My Fish
by: George

Hi Pete,

Thank you so much, for sharing with us your fish aquarium story.
No matter how old we are when we start - fish keeping is a excellent hobby which grows over time! An excellent hobby for kids too!

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