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Thank you to all that entered the Which Fish Tank Giveaway!

Our First Prize Winner is: Rose Smith for the 10 Gallon Aquarium

Our Second Prize Winner is: Linda Weston for the $25 Gift Card

Our Third Prize Winner is: Rachael Tye for the $10 Gift Card

Each of our winners will be contacted within days to find out where to send your prizes.

An Online Giveaway is fun, exciting, and a rewarding experience for the entire family! 

Joining the 'Which Fish Tank' contest is free, and also very educational.  Come along with us on a learning experience packed into some fun to read pages.

George is so excitable and curious! Galileo is so full of knowledge and laid back!George is so excitable and curious! Galileo is totally laid back and full of knowledge!

Begin your entry by logging in with Facebook (opens in new window), and then come back to earn even more points for filling in the form below. 

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A Message From Gil About The Online Giveaway

Gillespie GoldfishA message below from Gill the Goldfish


My name is Gillespie Goldfish, but they call me Gill for short. I know, I know, strange name for a Gold fish, but my human is Scottish so I got stuck with it.  What is your Pet Fishes name?  Make sure you tell us when you join.

I have lots of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins who want to come live at your house.  Some are bringing brand new fish tanks of their own, and some are moving up in the world to your pet fish aquarium.

My distant cousins, the Tetra's, asked if there would be a good home for them? However, if you don't have room, could you send them some good food with variety?  We said yes we would of course!  

So kids join in, parents enter the kids, everyone is welcome!

Begin your entry in the form below. 

Make sure you click the link on the Thank You Page and following email. All your Guidelines, instructions, and complete list of prizes are there.

Join in on the Treasure Hunt for even more excitement and prizes!

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Have fun and Good Luck!



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This is a Family safe, Kids contest, and Parents contest to help the younger ones. All are free to join, and there are great rewards (prizes) for the best submissions.

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