new goldfish, total newbie, all advice and help please

by Ellana woodthorpe

My dad has unfortunately neglected his goldfish and he is not being able to look after them properly. My daughter has always loved animals so I said I would take them thinking they would be an easy pet - how wrong could I be - turns out the goldfish need a bigger tank that we can afford and are not as easy as I thought to care for. However I am not going to give up on these goldfish and any help you can give would be very much appreciated.

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Goldfish Care
by: George

Hi Ellana,

Thank you for your message. To understand Goldfish is to read as much information as you can about these impressive fish.
As you have mentioned before, about goldfish care - it is vital that your fish tank is large enough to keep these fish within.
I recommend a 50-litre tank because the larger volume of water will help calm the fish especially if you have more than one.
Not forgetting to feed them a little once or twice per day with their favourite food or flakes.

There is a page dedicated to goldfish whereby you can find out more about your fish on this site.

And, you can tell us about your fish and tank, in our new competition, where you could win a new Juwel Primo Fish Tank.

See the details here: ?

Many Thanks


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