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Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium

The Marineland Contour glass aquarium is a small fish tank, that will accentuate any living space around your home or office.

The curved glass element enhances the beauty of plants and fish inside it. If you are ready to buy a new glass aquarium for your home, then it is good to check these features of this beautiful fish tank first. 

There is no doubt to say that Marine-land is a big brand and they have served millions of clients around the world. You can ensure long life service from their well-designed glass aquariums. 

This product is designed with the eye-catching finish and offers ocean like views in your living space.

Image courtesy of Marineland Aquariums

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Incredible Features Of the Marineland Contour Glass Aquarium

Suitable Dimensions

This well-designed aquarium takes very little space in your house with its overall dimension of 11.9 x 11.8 x 16.8 inches with the 5-gallon model giving the total weight of this fish tank to be approximately 12 pounds.  

Perfect Lighting

You will be happy to hear that this aquarium is built with a LED style lighting mechanism that can switch between white light and blue light conditions. The white light adds an impression of natural sunlight on this aquarium whereas the blue lights create a romantic scene of moonlight in your home. 

Protective Filter System

This Marineland Contour glass aquarium comes with a protective 3 stage filter system that takes out all unwanted materials and debris so that the water inside can stay clean. Users can also activate the advanced carbon filter that usually stays inside the filter cartridge.

It helps to improve carbon contact with water so that all impurities and chemical smells can be removed. Your fish can live a healthy life in this aquarium.

Durable Design

This classic aquarium features curved glass that is sturdy enough to ensure the complete safety of the fish tank. Marineland has finished this model with a beautiful appearance that suits perfectly to all home décor ideas. 


  • This marineland contour glass aquarium is designed with the outstanding finish and ensures high durability.  
  • Available in 3 or 5 gallon sizes.
  • It has sturdy glass unit that stays wonderful for years.
  • Modern look with sleek and high quality finish.
  • The pumping mechanism does not create unwanted noise and it is eco-friendly.


  • Those who are planning to install live plants into this aquarium may need to upgrade its lighting mechanism as the lighting just isn't powerful enough to support live plants.
  • Non adjustable water flow.


With all such incredible features, the Marineland Contour aquarium is one of the best choices for homeowners, who want a small fish tank. It can create an attractive ambiance in the space while ensuring long life service with its durable finish.

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