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Maintaining your marine aquarium

Maintaining your marine aquarium is necessary and vital for the well-being of your marine fish. From choosing the right marine tank and equipment to purchasing the right fish you want, takes time and effort.

However, getting the set up right is just the beginning. What is even more difficult is learning to maintain your marine fish tank so that it provides a healthy environment for your fishes within it. 

Keeping it clean will also aid to the survival of the fish. Here are some ways on how to maintain, and clean your marine tank for optimum use and enjoyment!

  • Clean the filters

To make sure the filters stay clean, check and clean them weekly. It is important that you purchase a good quality filter so that it does a good job of filtering waste products.

Reef AquariumReef Aquarium
  • Get rid of algae

If algae has accumulated in the aquarium tank, clean the glass with a scraper. To minimize the growth of algae in the tank , place hermit crab or snails. These can aid in keeping your tank free of algae. Also, get a timer for your aquarium lighting. Using aquarium light for more than six hours a day can cause excessive algae growth.

  • Keep the water clean

Have the aquarium water changed, at least once a month. If this is your first marine tank, I would suggest a 10% water change every week, until the tank matures.

Maintaining your marine aquarium rocks and substrates

  • Clean all parts

Remove the rocks in your aquarium and clean what's underneath them. Stir the sand at the bottom of the aquarium. Remember to use the right kind of tools when cleaning the tank. 

Keeping the tank clean is a commitment you must make. However, it is also important NOT  to  over clean it. Cleaning a tank more than twice a month can get rid of beneficial bacteria which are needed in the growth of the corals and marine fish in the aquarium.

Aside from cleaning the tank manually, you would need to do careful monitoring of the following;

  • temperature

Since you are keeping seawater fishes in your tank, keep the temperature of the aquarium between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. Within this temperature range, the majority of corals, plant and marine aquarium fish in your fish tank can thrive.

  • salinity

Keep the salinity of the marine aquarium water close enough to resemble that of the ocean's salinity which is 34 to 37 parts per 1,000 units of water. Make sure that the right amount of salt is dissolved in the aquarium water.

  • Ph level of water

Monitoring the pH level of water in a marine aquarium is important to ensure the survival and health of the animals that live in the tank. A neutral ph value is 7, anything lower than that means that the water is acidic. A ph value of more than 7 means that the water is alkaline.

You may, at first ask help from service providers who are experts at marine aquarium cleaning and maintenance. Ask them for helpful advice on how maintaining your marine aquarium, so that you can benefit from their knowledge, and show off your marine aquarium to your friends and family.

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