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Juwel Vision Aquarium Review

The Juwel Vision  Aquarium comes in three different models: the 180, the 260 and the 450.

Each of these models has many features in common. We’ll take a look at those features and then review the differences between each of the models.

Juwel Vision 180 AquariumJuwel Vision 180 Aquarium

Most probably, you recognize the Juwel name. They have been a leader in aquariums, accessories and equipment for decades. Each and every one of their model lines has brought unique features, elegance and style, dependability, and class to the standard aquarium.

The Juwel Vision Tank offers no less and is quite a sight to see. You will immediately fall in love with the curved front glass panel that creates an optical illusion of depth.

The Juwel Vision Aquarium Model Range

There are numerous reasons why the Juwel Range is considered one of the best aquariums on the market. Some of these reasons include:

  • Expert Construction – With more than 45 years in the business, Juwel’s expert German craftsman and quality materials produce sleek and sturdy models.
  • State-of-the-Art Ideas – The curved front glass panel on the Vision aquariums is a masterpiece that creates the optical illusion of depth, allowing even the smallest model 180 to provide incredible views of underwater beauty.
  • Safety Base Frame – All models have a safety base frame that eliminates the need for extra supports. This also makes the Juwel Vision extremely easy to set up.
  • Advanced Technology – All Juwel Vision aquariums utilize state-of-the-art technology such as their High-Lite T5 lighting system, their Bioflow 3.0 filter system and heater, and much more.
  • Elegance and Functionality – The Juwel Vision aquariums’ base is not only elegant but also functional, with plenty of room to store all of your aquarium accessories and equipment. The base cabinet color matches the framing of the aquarium perfectly for added beauty to any room.
  • Warranty – Unlike other aquarium manufacturers, Juwel offers a two-year warranty on their Juwel Vision fish tanks due to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Juwel Vision aquariums are a smart choice. The only hard part is in choosing which model and color to purchase!

The 180 model is the smallest of the three at a width of 92 cm. It is available in four stylish colours: black, dark wood, beech and white.

Even though the 180 is Juwel’s smallest in the Vision model range, it is certainly large enough for tropical or saltwater applications.

Juwel Vision 260 Aquariums

The 260 model is available in the same colours as the 180 but has a greater width of 121 cm! There is plenty of room inside for your favorite fish and creative designs.

The base is of course, heavier to support the added weight of the larger aquarium.

Juwel Vision 450 Aquariums

The largest of the Juwel Vision is the 450, measuring a whopping 151 cm wide! The base is a gorgeous stand with more than enough room for any and all things aquatic.! The 450 model only comes in black, dark wood, and beech, however.

How to decide which vision model is right for you?

In the end, deciding on which tank model to choose will depend on your budget and the size of the room in which you wish to place your new Juwel Vision aquarium.

It probably goes without saying that each successive model is higher in price due to its increased dimensions. Prices range from about £450 pounds for the 180 litre tank up to £1200 pounds for the 450 litre tank.

No matter which model you choose, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to set up and how little maintenance these amazing systems require.

You will spend most your time just relaxing while watching your underwater masterpiece entertain you. With the unique curved front glass panel, even the 180 brings a theatre of underwater pleasure to any home or office.

Your Juwel Vision Aquarium can be purchased via Ebay or Juwel. Just click the links on this page for more information about this fantastic and impressive aquarium.

Standard Features

  • Bio flow 3.0 Litre Filter System
  • High Lite 92 cm florescent tubes - 35 watt
  • 200w Heater
  • Thermostat Control 20 -30 C
  • Juwel Eccoflow 600 litre p/h water pump

Technical Specification

  • Juwel Vision Tank 180 Black
  • Measurements 92 x 41 x 55 cm
  • Available Decor - White - Black - Beech - Dark Wood. (Except 450 litre - no white)
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Volume 180 Litres

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