Juwel Rio Aquarium Review

The Juwel Rio Aquarium range offers a selection of high-quality tanks with exceptional standard features, that when bought with their own fish tank cabinet stand, makes an impressive and welcome addition to any living room, bedroom or hallway!.

The Aquarium and cabinet stand are manufactured to the same precise standards and can be purchased in a range of colours and sizes.

Juwel Rio AquariumJuwel Rio Aquarium

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Incredible Features Of The Juwel Rio Fish Tank

The tank itself looks very attractive with clean, sleek lines, sure to impress the most avid amateur or professional fish hobbyist.

This Juwel Rio Fish Tank comes complete with its own powerful Bioflow 3.0 water filter, media, water heater, pump and fluorescent lighting which ensures that you have all the necessary equipment needed to start your fish tank right away.

The neat feature of this fish tank is that the filter, pump, and aquarium heater are all fitted inside the tank while giving plenty of room for the substrate, foliage, rocks, and driftwood.

The top cover hood has 2 removable plastic flaps making for excellent and easy access to all areas inside the fish tank, to do cleaning and maintenance tasks. Although the optional tank stand sits narrower underneath, it is strong enough to support the fully furnished Rio Tank.

This Juwel Aquarium range - particularly the 125 size can make an impressive starter aquarium. The larger tanks in the Rio aquarium range have also proven to be the favourite choice for many happy fish hobbyists too!

The Juwel Rio Aquarium comes in 

Juwel Rio Aquarium Lighting

These Juwel Rio Tanks can be supplied with the impressive T5 High-Lite fluorescent tubes or the brilliant 14 watt LEDs which provide quality day or night lighting, saving up to 50% of energy. The fluorescent tubes are the powerful 28-watt version.


These Juwel Tanks are also supplied with a Bioflow 3.0 Compact Filter which boasts five high-performance filter media and a quiet Eccoflow circulation pump.

Juwel Rio Aquarium Video

Standard Features

  • Bio Flow 3.0 Litre Filter System
  • High Lite 80 cm fluorescent tubes - 28-watt. (Day /Night)
  • Or 14 watt LEDs
  • 100w Heater
  • 600w Pump
  • Thermostat Control 20 - 30 C
  • 5 Types of Filter Media
  • 2 Hood Cover Flaps

Technical Specifications

  • Juwel Rio 125 - (Smallest in Rio range)
  • Measurements 81 x 36 x 73 cm
  • Available Decor - White - Black - Beech - Dark Wood.
  • Weight 23 kg
  • Volume 125 litres

Juwel Rio Tank Prices

The Juwel Rio 125 fish tank and cabinets are priced from £399 at Ebay.co.uk

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