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Juwel Primo110 litre Aquarium Review

This Juwel Primo Aquarium is one of the most efficient fish tanks available in the marketplace today. It comes with an advanced filtering system and stylish LED lighting that can make an impressive and enhanced addition to your living space.

This hi-tech aquarium has so many exciting features so if you are planning to purchase this quality fish tank aquarium,  then it is good to check the feature highlights below. It will help you choose if this fish tank is the one for you!

Juwel Primo 110 AquariumJuwel Primo 110 Aquarium

Juwel Primo 110 Image courtesy of juwel-aquarium.co.uk

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Incredible Features Of The Juwel Primo Aquarium

Maximum Light

Juwel have added PrimoLux and NovoLux 80 LED light to this beautiful aquarium;  because they ensure energy efficiency up to a range of 5, 10 watts.

This lighting system can be enhanced by installing multiple LEDs to cover as per user requirements. 

Advanced Filter System

The Juwel Primo 110 LED aquarium is loaded with a specially designed Bioflow super filter system. This system is tested by professionals, and it is proven to be safest among all competitive filter mechanisms, ensuring efficient two-stage biological and mechanical filtration.

This well designed Bioflow super filter system is equipped with Eccoflow 500 circulating pump that is highly energy efficient as well. 

Adjustable Heater Control

This aquarium also contains an adjustable water heater that helps to maintain the perfect temperature inside the aquarium. JUWEL AquaHeat system works on 50-watt power, and it is TUV/GS certified to ensure quality performance. 

Eye-Catching Appearance

After all these technical details, let us talk about the beauty of this aquarium. Its looks portray a perfect aquarium for any house; It can enhance the overall image of your living room and make it a happy place for relaxing enjoyment.

Juwel Primo 110 Litre Aquarium Advantages

Attractive finish. 

Solid 6 mm glass cover. 

Quiet operation. 

The moderate size that suits every home. 

Automatic filtration system.

Juwel Primo 110 Litre Aquarium Disadvantages

       None reported.

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If you are looking forward to buying an attractive aquarium for home décor or want to present it as a gift for an upcoming birthday, then it is good to buy a Juwel Primo Aquarium. You certainly will not be disappointed !

You can buy this aquarium online at Amazon.co.uk for speedy delivery. This aquarium will add a touch of class to your home - and wow your guests too.

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