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Juwel Korall Aquarium

With Juwel Korall aquariums, you get a world class quality at a very affordable price, which makes it absolutely perfect for entry level fish keepers.

It is simple, but equipped with all the essentials a newcomer will require to successfully transform their fish tanks into a thriving one without any additional purchases. It is aesthetically pleasing, and technically excellent.

The measurement of the aquarium itself is 61 x 31x 38cm. A matching base cabinet is available with this fish tank too (at extra cost).

Juwel Korall AquariumJuwel Korall Aquarium

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Incredible Features Of The Juwel Korall Aquarium

Quality Built In

The lid of this aquarium captures all the condensation and integrates it back into the water. This means no leakage or unnecessary water escapes caused by fluctuations in the internal temperature, or when the lid gets open and closed.

The overall look of the aquarium is very clean and straight, with sharp borders, perfect for any modern home with either a minimalistic or contemporary décor.

Aesthetically the Juwel Korall aquarium is very understated, which is important because this means that beauty of the little aquatic world you create will really shine through.

The lighting comes in the form of a 15 Watt fluorescent tube which lights up the interior of the aquarium brilliantly, helping the colours and the textures of the ecosystem perfectly reflect its vibrancy.

Fish Tank Base

Now, another thing I want to mention is the base. Over the years, from networking with other aquarium hobbyists, I have heard horror stories of how some tanks would just break under their own weight.

Not only is it a nightmare to see your aquarium break like that, and the poor fishes suffer, it can also create a whole lot of messy problems especially if you have carpeted floor, or are living in a rented space. Water damage is definitely not fun.

What I like about this aquarium is that its base is very strong. The base is like the foundation of your house; Strong yet safe. Juwel Korall Aquarium ensures that the aquarium is supported safely without needing any additional support or safety precautions.

The aquarium is also equipped with the highly efficient Juwel Bioflow mini filter. It prevents leaks and eliminates the need to add hoses for filtration. It’s an internal filter system that proficiently keeps the water inside.

The water smoothly gets filtered through the filter material in a timely manner. The cleaning process is very easy to do. It is built in such a way that gives you easy access to each of the components during maintenance.

Aesthetical matching cabinet

Also, as mentioned above, it comes with a matching cabinet, making the look of the entire piece very polished and sleek, while giving the aquarium a strong base to sit on.

The color of the cabinet is the same as the aquarium and is incredibly easy to assemble especially with the easy to follow instruction manual.

You can store all the accessories like the fish food, and other equipment within the large storage space inside it. It is functional and beautiful.

A stellar aquarium without breaking your budget

I have seen many newcomers purchase this aquarium as one of their firsts, and never have I seen any of them complain about this particular aquarium.

It is affordable, elegant, strong and comes with all the necessary components, which is important because as a novice, there is a good chance that you don’t hold the sufficient knowledge to know all about fishkeeping just yet!.

With a Juwel Korall 60 aquarium, all that is truly left for you to do is relish in your hobby by focusing on creating an aquatic masterpiece that you can be proud of - to be showcased whenever you want. 

Juwel Korall Aquarium Pros

  •  A great starter tank aquarium - for not a lot of money!
  • 54 litres means there is enough room for your small fish to swim and stay healthy.
  • Juwel is a name you can trust - they have over 50 years of aquarium building expertise.

Juwel Korall Aquarium Cons

  • The 15W light that is supplied is not suited to growing live plants. A more powerful light is needed.
  • A light coloured gravel or sand may be better suited to contrast the overall look and colour of the aquarium.

Our Verdict

This Juwel Korall aquarium is ideal for beginners, and experts alike. It's build quality ensures long life, and maintenance free operation.That is why so many newbies have bought this model of aquarium for their first beginner tank.

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