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How Do I Get Rid Of Black Brush Algae?

by Chris
(Ontario, Canada)

I have had black brush algae since I setup my freshwater aquarium and I've managed to keep it under control. About 3 weeks ago my actinc bulb burnt out and i replaced it with an 18000k bulb and i have a 6400k bulb as well in my two lamp fixture. I have also reduced my light on time by 2 hours. this is very frustrating. I am starting my tank over from scratch with all new substrate and rock soon and want this algae gone.
Is there any safe algaecide that i can use that wont hurt or kill my plants or fish?
thank you

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How to remove black brush algae from your tank
by: George

Hi Chris,

Thank you for posting your question on here.
In answer to your question, here is what I would suggest to help you eradicate the black brush algae.

Firstly decrease the feeding of your fish until the algae is gone. Feed your fish once daily and try to make sure very little food falls to the bottom of the tank.

Also leave the lighting off for a further hour or 2 during the day.

You may also want to change the frequency of your water changes. You should be doing about 20% weekly, but consider doing 10-15% twice a week.

Some other ideas that you can try to eradicate the algae would be to add more live plants to use up the nutrients, that are already in the tank.

It is safe to use a 10% bleach solution on aquariums. Mix 1 cup bleach with 9 cups water. You can soak the fake plants, decorations, the heater, thermometer, basically everything but the filter, for 15 minutes. Rinse them, then let them sit in a clean bucket of water for another 15 minutes.(Make absolutely sure - no bleach is left on the aquarium equipment-when you place them back into the tank.

You will soon see if the algae is dying if it begins to turn from black to brown or red and begins falling off. Your fish may even begin to eat it at that stage.

Only then, you will know that the algae, is being dealt with inside the tank - much to your satisfaction!.



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