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When Buying Glass Fish Tanks - Look For These Qualities!

When shopping for glass fish tanks for the first time, the majority of people are often confused as to which fish tanks would be best to suit their individual needs.

The decision-making process becomes even harder when you have to take certain elements into consideration, for example, location and size of the aquarium. Whereas there are different types of fish aquariums ranging from all-glass ones to acrylic wall mounted fish aquariums.

We will only focus on glass aquariums. By the end of this page, you should have a good idea of what to look for when shopping for all glass aquarium tanks.

Glass Fish Tank Features

#1: Quality

Foremost, you need to determine the quality of the glass fish aquarium you are planning to purchase. The quality of a glass fish aquarium hinges on the breadth of the glass used in the construction of the tank.

In respect to fish tanks, there are generally two groups of aquariums:

  • Aquariums designed to be fully filled with water and as such only houses sea animals such as fish.
  • Aquariums that house plants, lizards, rodents and turtles amongst others.Therefore if your intention is to purchase a fish tank, make certain that the aquarium has been specially designed to hold water.
  •  As such, you need to check if sealant has been used on all the corners so as to avoid leakages.

#2: Material

As pointed out earlier, the grade of glass utilized in making the aquarium is of critical importance. A good glass fish aquarium ought to be made out of tempered glass or plate glass.

A plate glass is usually bulkier compared to ordinary glass. In contrast to aquariums built from tempered glass, plate glass tanks are durable. For instance, plate glass aquariums are not only scratch resistant but are also discolouration proof. 

The only difference between plate glass and tempered glass aquarium is in the breaking.

If somebody were to accidentally knock the fish tank with a hammer, it would break into bigger pieces. This is a huge contrast to tempered glass - which would still be holding up even after a slight knock.

Lastly, you need to take into consideration the capacity to hold heat. This is especially important if you reside in an area that experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Hence, when shopping for a fish tank, you need to look for a brand and model that enables you to regulate the water temperature.

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