Giesemann Esprit Aquarium Review

The Giesemann Esprit aquarium is another exceptional tank from German aquarium manufacturer Giesemann.

They are known for the quality and elegance of their tanks and the Esprit is another fine addition to their line of aquariums.Discover some of the key features of this tank and decide if it will be the right tank for your home or office.

Giesemann Esprit AquariumGiesemann Esprit Aquarium

Giesemann Esprit Aquarium

Overview of the Giesemann Esprit Aquarium

These Giesemann aquariums are quality handcrafted and available at keen prices. This company provides one of the few options for finding an affordable quality handmade tank.

You get to choose from two separate sizes – 180 and 270-litres. These sizes should accommodate most fish enthusiasts' needs.

Key Features of the Giesemann Esprit Tank

Before you purchase a tank, you should examine the primary design features and options available for the tank. Some of the key features of the Giesemann Esprit aquarium include:

  • Ultra, high-gloss cabinet
  • Handmade ground edged aquarium
  • Cable gap in rear of cabinet
  • Laser sealed laminated doors
  • Multiple color options for doors
  • Optional extra features

The ultra, high-gloss cabinet and canopy are laser-sealed along the edges. This prevents any chances of splitting, bowing, or swelling of the cabinets and canopy. When you use a wood or poorly designed cabinet, this can be a major risk and safety hazard. You never want your tank to be placed on an unstable surface. The cabinet, cabinet doors, and canopy all feature the same laser-sealed edging to prevent these issues.

The cabinet and canopy are available in either black or white. This gives you a couple of different colouring options for matching the tank to the décor of your home or office. Along with the choice between white and black, you also get to select from 8 different colour options for the finish on the laminated front doors of the cabinet. These colour choices include:

Giesemann Esprit ColoursGiesemann Esprit Colours

The Ebony and Ice colour options will match the Black or White finish of the rest of the cabinet. But if you would like to add a splash of colour, there are six other options to choose from.

Along the back of the cabinet, you will find a gap for passing your cables and cords through. This allows you to display your tank without having any unseemly cords interfering with your display.

The Giesemann tank also provides a few optional features that you can add on. If you choose, you could purchase the cabinet with additional inner shelves. You can also choose low iron glass for the aquarium or increase the depth of the aquarium to 60cm.

Strengths of the Giesemann Esprit Aquarium

There is definitely a lot to enjoy with the Giesemann Esprit fish tank. First off, the size options should suit most people’s needs.

With 180-litres, you should have enough space for about 42 small, slender fish or about two-dozen medium-sized fish.

The 270-litre tank offers even more space. This gives you plenty of options when deciding how to stock your tank.

The 180-litre Esprit-60 has dimensions of 60 x 60 x 50-centimeters. The 270-litre Esprit-100 measures 100 x 60 x 50-centimeters. As mentioned, you can choose to increase the depth of the tank from 50 to 60-centimeters.

Another benefit is the superior craftsmanship of the tank. Handmade by expert German aquarium makers, the Giesemann Esprit is designed to provide many years of use without risk of cracking or leakage.

The tank is made to order and handcrafted to the specifications of the package you order. Shipping is included in the price. When you combine the exceptional workmanship of the aquarium with the addition of a quality cabinet and free shipping, the Esprit tank is one of the best aquariums to buy today!.

Weaknesses of the Giesemann Esprit Aquarium

Are there any disadvantages to purchasing the Esprit? There is nothing bad to say about this product. The only potential issue that some fish enthusiasts may notice is that the aquarium does not include a light fixture.

This is not a major issue, as many aquariums do not come with lights, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find a suitable lighting set for your tank.


Should you add this tank to your home? Obviously, this is your decision, but the Giesemann Esprit is one of the top tanks on the market. It includes a well-built aquarium and a quality cabinet with multiple colour options for the doors.

To put it simply – the Giesemann Esprit aquarium is an exceptional fish tank with some amazing features. The fact that it is made by hand is one of the primary advantages, but there are plenty of other features that help make this tank so wonderful.

The quality cabinet and canopy are the perfect fit for the tank. You also get to choose from a selection of colours for the front cabinet doors. If you are in search of a new tank, then the Giesemann Esprit definitely deserves a closer look.

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