Giesemann Contura Aquarium

Are you looking for a new fish tank? The Giesemann Contura aquarium is a wonderfully crafted tank with a number of features that you may find useful.

Giesemann focuses on quality and sophistication, with the design of their superior fish tanks. Learn more about the Contura and find out whether or not this aquarium is a good option for your home.

Giesemann Contura AquariumGiesemann Contura Aquarium

Giesemann Contura Aquarium

Overview of the Giesemann Contura

The Giesemann Contura fish tank is a sleek, stylish tank that pairs well with any contemporary setting. The glass features a high-gloss finish and is laser sealed to prevent any swelling or splitting.

The package comes with stand, canopy, and a LED lighting unit. Though, you can choose to order the tank without these additional features.

Each fish tank and cabinet is handcrafted in Germany and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use.

Key Features of the Giesemann Contura Fish Tank

What are the main features of this unit? The Giesemann Contura fish tank is a top-of-the-line tank that should appeal to anyone wanting a superior tank in their home. Some of the primary features that may sway you towards purchasing this tank include the following:

  • Twin Razor LED Light Unit
  • Ground edged aquarium with black or clear silicone
  • High-gloss cabinets with laser sealed edges
  • High-gloss canopy to match the cabinet
  • Cable outlets in the cabinet
  • Three colour options
  • Various sizes (ranging from 180 to 540-litres)
  • Optional Features

The Twin Razor T5 Light Unit beautifully illuminates your tank. This light fixture fits into the elegantly crafted aluminium lid featuring a flip top design.

You do not need to order the Giesemann Contura aquarium with the light fixture or canopy, but it does save you the trouble of having to pick out a lighting set that fits the tank.

Both the cabinet and the canopy feature a high-gloss feature. The edges are laser sealed. This prevents any warping, swelling, or splitting, in the event that water reaches the base or canopy. You do not need to worry about water damaging the housing of your tank.

The cabinet also includes cable outlets, so that you can discreetly hide your cords inside the cabinet. The outlets are located at the back of the cabinet so that they are unlikely to get noticed.

There are three separate colour options for the cabinet and aquarium canopy. You can choose from Zebrano, Polar White, and Vanilla-Sahara. The last option is kind of a cream white colour.

You also have the option of including a few extra features with your order of a Giesemann Contura aquarium. This includes a plumbing set, a rimless option without a canopy, low iron glass, soft close hinges, and an increased aquarium depth.

Other options available include the purchase of extra inner shelving in the cabinet and additional Razor T5 lighting units.

Strengths of the Giesemann Contura Aquarium

What is there to like and not like about this fish tank? On the plus side, the Contura is handcrafted by aquarium experts. These are not mass-produced tanks that you can simply purchase from a local retailer.

You are receiving a high-quality tank that is made with exceptional workmanship. You can have the product shipped directly to your door, with the cabinets, canopy, and light set included.  

Another advantage is the quality of the cabinets and canopy. One of the worst things that you could do is place your tank on an inferior cabinet.

Over time, your cabinet will naturally get exposed to moisture and water. This can lead to bowing, splitting, and swelling of the cabinet – which may make the cabinet an unsafe surface for the weight of the tank.

Thanks to laser sealed edging and a high-gloss finish, the cabinet and canopy are protected from these issues.

Weaknesses of the Giesemann Contura Aquarium

The only potential disadvantage is the price tag. These tanks may be out of the price range for some fish enthusiasts, but they are still reasonably priced given the quality of the design and craftsmanship. The 180-litre tank starts at £999, with the 540-litre starting at £2599.

These prices include the aquarium canopy, cabinet, light set, and shipping. When you factor in these additional features, the price seems a little more reasonable. This is especially true if you live outside of Europe – as international shipping is often rather expensive.

Final Thoughts on the Contura Fish Tank

The Giesemann Contura is one of the most elegant tanks that you could purchase. It is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 180 to 540 litres. The fact that it can be ordered with equally stunning cabinets and canopy help make this tank a great buy.

It also comes equipped with a light unit. Though, you have the option of ordering the tank without these features.

The bottom line is that this a high-end tank for those that want an aquarium that will last for years without any signs of wear or tear. If you are serious about your fish hobby, you could not ask for a superior quality fish aquarium.

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