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Fluval Vicenza Aquarium Review

The fluval vicenza aquarium is a high-quality fish tank with a bow front that helps bring your fish tank to life. Featuring a couple of different size options, you can choose this fish tank that is perfect for your available space.

When shopping for a fish tank, there are a few features that you want to pay close attention to. This includes the size of the aquarium, the provided equipment, and quality of the design and materials.

If you want to learn more about the fluval vicenza - See all the attractive features listed below.

Fluval Vicenza AquariumFluval Vicenza Aquarium

Image courtesy of Fluval aquatics.com

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Fluval Vicenza Design Features

The fluval vicenza has an attractive design that works well with tropical or contemporary décor. For a modern design, the fluval vicenza is a wonderful choice.

Though, there are more features to consider than the aesthetics of the aquarium. Here are the main design features of the fluval vicenza fish tank:

      Two size options – 180 and 260-litres

  • 2 color options for the cabinets (6 total colour combinations)
  • Bow-front aquarium
  • Comes with a Fluval external filter
  • Includes Fluval heater
  • Equipped with a lighting system
  • Comes with fish food and water conditioner
  • Fluval aquarium care guide
  • Digital thermometer

When you buy the Fluval vicenza fish tank, you get to choose from two different sizes.

This includes the 180 and 260-litre capacity. This is the equivalent of about 47 or 68 US gallons. Typically, you can add one 1-inch fish for every 1 gallon of water.

Along with the size options, you can choose different colour combinations for the cabinets. First, there are two base colour options. You can choose oak and wenge or titanium and zebrano. With each set of base colours, you can choose from three different design choices.

The fluval vicenza has a bow front. This means that the front of the aquarium extends outward slightly. The effect is that the front of your fish tank appears to come out towards you. It creates a grander impact than a flat face to the tank.

Other features of the fluval vicenza include the fluval external filter and heater. Since the filter and heater are already provided, you do not have to worry about finding the right size filter or the right heater.

You will also get a complete lighting system, with the right light bulbs for your new fish tank. The fluval vicenza aquarium looks stunning when illuminated in the evening or when the lights are off in the room.

The fluval vicenza tank also comes with water conditioner, fish food, and a fish care guide. So - basically, you have all of the equipment that you need to set up your fish tank completely.

Fluval VicenzaFluval Vicenza

Fluval Vicenza Aquarium Benefits

Simply looking through the list of features will give you an indication as to the benefits of the fluval vicenza fish aquarium. As previously mentioned, you have size options to choose from, along with several color choices for the cabinets. In addition to these features, you will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Comes with all the equipment that you need.
  • Durable design that should last for years.
  • Attractive cabinets that work with modern décor.

You will also like the durable design of the fluval vicenza. The quality craftsmanship should allow you to keep your fish tank on display for many years without having to worry about water leaks.

Another advantage is the attractive cabinets. As discussed, they work well with modern or contemporary décor. The panelling has a tropical feel that will fit with a variety of styles.


The only disadvantage to buying the fluval vicenza is that the design may not work with your particular taste or style. It has a distinctly tropical vibe, thanks to the panelling located along the front of the cabinets. This can be an advantage of a disadvantage, depending on your personal preferences.

Though, if you have a modern or contemporary look, then the fluval vicenza will definitely add to the appeal of your room.

Also, the fluval vicenza may be slightly out of some people’s budget. It is not a cheap aquarium. You are paying for a high-quality, high - end, impressive and durable fish tank. 

Fluval Vicenza Aquarium Prices

The fluval vicenza aquariums are priced from £589.

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Final Thoughts on the Fluval Vicenza Aquarium

Overall, the fluval vicenza aquarium is a great buy. It is durable - attractive, and comes with all the equipment that you need to set up your fish tank. You can choose from two different sizes – 180 and 260-litres, which gives you plenty of options for stocking your fish tank.

There are a couple of drawbacks, but these will not be an issue for the majority of aquarium enthusiasts. This includes the price and distinct tropical feel of the aquarium.

If these two factors are not an issue, then the fluval vicenza fish tank will make an impressive addition to your home or office.

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