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Fluval Venezia Aquarium Review

Are you currently shopping for a new fish tank? The Fluval Venezia aquarium is an excellent choice if you have limited space or want a unique fish tank!

Fluval Venezia AquariumFluval Venezia Aquarium

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It is easy to neglect the corners of a room when adding décor. Designed to fit into any corner, the Fluval Venezia fish aquarium will help liven up any room.

Add brightness, energy, and life to the corner of your living room or office. The Fluval Venezia tank solves this problem.  

Fluval Venezia Aquarium Design Features

What are the main features of the Fluval Venezia? This particular aquarium is a 190 or 350-litre fish tank, which should give you enough space to add 40 to 50 1-inch fish for the 190 tank. Remember the general rule, you can add about 1-inch of fish for every 1 US gallon.

In addition to being a corner fish tank, the Venezia includes the following features:

  • Two colour combinations for the cabinet
  • Includes a lighting system, filter, and heater
  • Comes with fish food and a water conditioner
  • Fluval aquarium fish care guide
  • Digital thermometer

If you decide to purchase this tank, you will get to choose between two colour combinations for the cabinets. This includes Oak and Wenge or Titanium and Zebrano. You can then choose between three separate designs for either colour combination.

The Venezia tank comes with a lighting system, filter, and heater. This includes the Fluval 205 external filter and the Fluval M200W heater. For lighting, this tank comes equipped with 2 T5 24W light bulbs.

You will also get fish food, water conditioner, and a cycle biological supplement. These three products are all from Nutrafin, which is the top brand of fish food and fish supplements.

The final features include a digital thermometer and a basic fish care guide. Make absolutely certain that you are able to achieve the right temperature and water conditions before adding fish to your tank.

Why should buy the Fluval Venezia fish aquarium? As you look for the perfect fish tank for your home or office, you should typically think about the amount of space that you have available and the type of décor used in the room.

With the Fluval Venezia tank, you will find a versatile fish tank that will fit almost any room and work with just about any décor. Along with these great benefits, the Fluval Venezia fish tank has quite a few other advantages:

  • Quality design that will enhance the beauty of any room.
  • The corner profile helps add more life and décor to dark corners.
  • Comes with all the items you need to start setting up your tank.
  • Manufactured by a trusted name in fish tank design.

The quality design and corner profile of the Fluval Venezia fish tank will help to enhance the appeal of any room. You can add more life and décor to the corners of your room, which are often left undecorated.

You will also enjoy the fact that the Fluval Venezia aquarium includes all of the items and equipment that you will need to begin setting up your tank. You will still need to purchase a substrate and fish separately. But, you can begin conditioning the water for your freshwater fish.

The Fluval Venezia tank is made by one of the leading names in fish tank design. Fluval is known for manufacturing durable tanks with a distinct look or design feature.

For example, the Fluval Chi has a water fountain while the Fluval Vicenza features a bow front. With the Fluval Venezia fish tank, they have created the perfect fish tank for fitting into the corner of your room.

Fluval Venezia Tank Disadvantages

When reading a review, you should always explore the disadvantages. Luckily, there is really nothing to complain about with the Fluval Venezia fish tank. You get a solid fish tank that includes the basic equipment needed to add fish to your home or office.

The only issue that you may have is that the Fluval Venezia aquarium is only available in two sizes. The fish tank has a 190 or 350-litre capacity.

Fluval Venezia Aquarium Prices

The Fluval Venezia Aquariums are priced from £610 - available from Elmpets.co.uk

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Final Thoughts On The Fluval Venezia Aquarium

The bottom line is that the Fluval Venezia is one of the best corner fish tanks available. It is a well-built aquarium from a trusted name in fish tank design. The corner profile of the fish tank allows you to add it to just about any room. It will fit snugly in the corner, breathing new life into your home or office.

If you are currently in the market for a glass corner fish tank, then please consider the Fluval Venezia fish tank.

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