Fluval Roma Aquarium Review

This Fluval Roma Aquarium allows you to create a breathing art ... a centrepiece so beautiful that it becomes the talking point of everyone who sees it The tank will create memories and teach children about the important values ​​of life such as respect and love that the tiny little creatures show for each other.

Fluval Roma 90 AquariumFluval Roma 90 Aquarium

What I love about the Fluval Roma Aquarium is that it is understated in its appearance which is great because it brings all of the focus to the actual beauty inside the aquarium.

It will make the colors look more vibrant, and the other elements more prominent.

Why Choose A Fluval Roma Aquarium

When I first became a tropical fish hobbyist, I was in the same boat that most of you are today. I knew how important an aquarium was because it is the basic compartment that is going to hold my entire creation, passion and vision to be enjoyed by both the creatures that live within, and the eyes that admire them.

But I had no idea which brands to go with because all choices almost felt unlimited. So I started networking with other, more seasoned, aquarists and I noticed that the majority of them used Fluval as their primary aquarium product supplier.

So naturally, I researched a little about the company and found out that they are one of the leading home aquarium brands in the entire world.

They have been serving the aquatic hobbyists like me with cutting edge products for the last 30 years. If you want quality and perfection from a brand name to trust, Fluval is the only brand that will give you that.

Fluval Roma LED Aquarium Video

Create Your Sea World With a Fluval Roma LED Aquarium

Fluval Roma 90 AquariumFluval Roma 90 Aquarium
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The Roma Aquarium is one of Fluval's three collections of Italian Design. This aquarium comes complete with their corresponding cabinets, and what makes them unique is their clean and stylish lines on their rectangular shaped aquarium.

They are ideal for today's home designs that play a lot with the concept of crisp angles, and the concept of minimalism which in the modern age of interior design defines sophistication and elegance.

So if you are looking to invest in one of Fluval's Roma Aquariums for your home, you know that it will perfectly coordinate with your furniture. Its simplicity makes it versatile. It can harmoniously blend in any home decor and colour scheme.

Here are the 4 sizes which are available in the Fluval Roma Aquarium product range.

Fluval Roma 90 - The cabinets are available in Black and oak shades.

Fluval Roma 125 - The cabinets are available in Black and oak shades.

Fluval Roma 200 - The cabinets are available in Black and oak shades.

Fluval Roma 240 - The cabinets is only available in oak shade.

All of the cabinets come with two flush doors that can be opened with a push and an internal shelf for storage. Note that, the cabinet would require building (as shipped as flatpack).

What I love about these cabinets is that it comes with 2 tone reversible doors, which means that you can select your preferred color oak/mocha or black/silver while installing it for the first time.

There are cut outs available for external hose connections and power cables.

All the aquariums are made of polished glass which means they are strong, highly durable and resistant to scratches which, if you have kids, would be an excellent choice.

All of the aquariums come with a powerful internal filtering system, except Fluval Roma 240 which comes with an external filter.

They also include Fluval heaters which are very important to maintain an even temperature of water throughout the aquarium.

It contains an LCD Thermometer to track for variations in temperature, and an aquarium care guide that has everything you need to know about maintaining your aquarium in its pristine condition.

I can confidently say that I have never been disappointed with Fluval.

The price and quality is just unmatchable. If you are looking to bring your passion of the sea inside your home, take a look at the Roma collection.

You will be very impressed that you did!

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