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Fluval Roma Aquarium

The Fluval Roma Aquarium is an aquarium made with high-quality oak, walnut, and plain black finishing. It accommodates four sizes and integrates LED lighting, heating, and powerful filtration features. 

These standing-style, energy-efficient aquarium models work as both regular home aquariums and marine aquariums with a few upgrades. It’s one of various home aquariums introduced by Fluval, a company that’s been making these products since 1975. 

Fluval Roma AquariumFluval Roma Aquarium

Image courtesy of Fluval Aquatics.com/Uk/Roma

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 The recently introduced Roma 240 aquarium models have introduced exciting Bluetooth features that you can operate via a Fluval Smart-App. Continue reading to learn more about this product’s specifics and whether or not it might be a good fit for your home aquarium needs. 

is the Fluval Roma Aquarium right for you?

The Fluval Roma aquariums are primarily useful if you want a large in-home aquarium that makes it convenient to manage heating, lighting, and filtration features.

The Bluetooth capabilities and integrated technology make it more manageable to take care of a home aquarium. 

It’s ideal for individuals who want to use their smartphones and technology to control their aquarium settings. They are even ideal if you are new to caring for home aquariums, especially when it comes to the 240 model, which has a pre-installed external filter.

They’re also durable and resistant to scratches, which is ideal in a hectic household with children or other pets.

And in terms of the price range, Fluval Roma aquariums are not as affordable as other Fluval aquarium models or other brands on the market. Fluval Roma aquariums reach into the expensive price range, especially as you go up in tank size. 

What we like about the fluval roma aquarium

We like that the Fluval Roma fish tank models incorporate storage space in their matching stands, whether you use a 90L, 125L, 200L, or 250L tank.

It’s especially advantageous that these tanks have bright LED lighting of various colours built in to support healthy plant growth and light your fish in a way that mimics natural environmental lighting, such as storm or lunar lighting. 

The Fluval Roma Fish Tank also has integrated water heaters to maintain temperature precision for the aquatic life you house. Furthermore, the Fluval U Series filter - which comes with the 90L, 125L, and 200L Roma tanks - is an award-winning filter that provides adjustable 3-way flow among other beneficial functions. 

Last but not least, one of the key standout features of the Fluval Roma fish tanks is the Bluetooth compatibility, enabling users to adjust and set lighting and other functions from a Fluval Smart-App. 

what we do not like about the fluval roma aquarium

One of the things that we don’t like about the Roma aquariums is their relative lack of cut-outs for attaching outside equipment, piping, and other materials. This comes as an inconvenience, especially for beginner aquarium caretakers who aren’t equipped to drill extra functional holes.

Furthermore, this kind of tank is more accommodating of fish than it is of aqua scaling arrangements, making it a bit limited in terms of versatility. 

Although Fluval filters are incorporated in your tank purchase, their flow isn’t always the most powerful, especially since you don’t get the 3-way filter included with the 240L tank.

Other functional issues extend to the LED lighting, which is convenient to operate, but falls a bit short when it comes to keeping aquatic plant life that has high light demands. This means you may need to add additional lighting tubes to your tank, thus making the value of the kit purchase lower than initially advertised. 

Fluval Roma 240 AquariumFluval Roma 240 Aquarium

Image courtesy of Lincs Aquatics.com

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Pros and cons


  • Convenient Bluetooth operation.
  • Ideal for beginner fish aquariums.
  • Variety of tank sizes and design options.


  • Built in functions are not super powerful.
  • Lack of available drilled holes.
  • Not the best price for value.

What's Included?

 Each Fluval Roma Aquarium kit includes the following, with varying specifications for different features:

  • Energy efficient built in LED light spectrum
  • A built in heater and LCD thermometer
  • A built in filtration system
  • Bluetooth operation compatibility
  • Up to 240L water capacity
  • Freshwater and marine water compatibility
  • One through aquarium base filter connection
  • Colour/woodwork variations

While the Fluval Roma aquariums have decent built in features, you could probably get better filtration and tank lighting if you bought those parts separately and specified them to the aquatic life you intend to keep.

However, if you’re a beginner home aquarium keeper of fishes, this tank kit and its features work pretty decently. 

Our Verdict

After thoroughly reviewing the various features, pro's and cons of the Fluval Roma Aquarium, we give it an

8/10 SCORE. 

We think that this product deserves an 8/10 because it’s accessible to aquarium keepers of varying skill levels and incorporates almost everything you need to properly run and maintain a home aquarium.

You can even get this tank in various capacity sizes and colours, which is ideal for people in different home spaces. But keep in mind that you have to buy the stand separately, and the value for the price is relatively lower when compared to other aquariums on the market. 

It falls short in a few areas, such as the strength of the lighting and filtration, as well as the lack of usable drill holes. But overall, it makes a decent freshwater aquarium for fish and mild plant life, making it worthy of our recommendation. 

If you have the budget to get a Roma aquarium and like the features and specifications listed above, then we recommend you buy this Fluval Roma fish tank.

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