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Fluval Premium Aquariums

The Fluval premium aquariums are a fantastic way to add fluidity and movement to your home. It can make any arid space seem like a work of art. With Fluval premium aquariums, you can humanize and soften any space in your home by adding a touch of life from the ocean.

As an avid tropical and marine fish hobbyist, I completely understand how important it is to invest in an aquarium that perfectly matches your specific needs.

Read on, and I'll tell you everything you need to know about the Fluval Premium Aquarium Product range. In the review below you will also discover all the different options available in the Fluval premium range.

But First-Why Fluval?

The reason I recommend Fluval so highly is because they are world renowned for their aquatic tanks and products. For the past 30 years, they have helped millions of fish hobbyists like you to bring their vision to fruition with their state of the art products.

Fluval is a brand of The Rolf C. Hagen Group, or Hagen Inc. Founded in 1955, it is one of the world's largest pet supply companies.

With Fluval, you are guaranteed to receive stunning quality at an affordable price. Since their inception, they have successfully earned the trust of millions of aquarium enthusiasts.

Fluval Premium Aquarium Product Range

Each of the products in the Fluval Premium Aquarium collection is elegant and sleek with energy efficient elements.

There are 5 premium aquarium kits in this line, each of which is perfect for both beginners as well as someone who is planning to get more serious with their fish keeping.

Bow Front Aquariums

Fluval manufacture two bow front aquarium kits. The 26 and 45 gallons - these bow front aquariums have a convex (outwardly curved) front wall. The sides and the back are flat. Because of its elegance and style, these aquariums are often found in waiting rooms and corporate offices.

You will find that Fluval Premium bowfront aquariums are aesthetically stunning, and provide more room for aquascaping. That said, the curvature can cause a little distortion whilst viewing from the front.

Here are the two bow front aquariums found in this product line: -

Fluval Premium Aquarium Kit 26 Gallon Bowfront

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It is a glass aquarium which means it will be scratch resistant. It comes with an Aqua glo fluorescent bulb, and a submersible heater which can be hidden within the decorations.

Also, it comes with Fluval C4 Power filter which is quiet, powerful, easy to clean and with its 5 stage filtration system does a very good job of filtering a heavy load, and an LCD thermometer that shows the exact temperature of the water which is very important to keep in check the well being of the fishes. It also comes with a fluorescent canopy, a fish net for delicate fishes and much more.

Fluval Premium Aquarium Kit 45 Gallon Bowfront

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This aquarium is perfect for both beginner and professional aquarist. This 45 gallon aquarium kit comes with energy efficient products like a low profile LED light which is great for aquariums with growing tropical plants. Since it's made of glass, it's shock resistant. It also has the powerful C4 power filtration system and an M200 watt submersible heater. Its mirror and glass technology makes it blend effortlessly in any space.

Fluval Premium Aquarium Kit 29 Gallon Tall

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This fish tank is made of polished glass, its sleek design and energy efficient elements like 20 Watt Fluroscent Bulb and M100 Watt Submersible Heater, is perfect for all your freshwater fish. When decorated right, this tall aquarium can look almost whimsical with the different colors of the plants, fishes, rocks and other decorations seamlessly showcased. This Fluval 29 Gallon Aquarium Kit also comes with an LCD thermometer which is very essential to check fluctuations in temperature which could prove fatal for the fishes and plants.

As with the other aquariums in this line, it comes with a powerful C3 Filter that does a fantastic job of filtering the water capacity. This fish tank kit also comes with water conditioner, nutrafin cycle biological supplement, and fish flakes.

Fluval 55 Gallon Premium Aquarium Kit

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The best thing about Fluval's 55 Gallon aquarium is that it's not just a beautiful piece, but it can truly be a showstopper when decorated right. It will captivate people's attention from the moment they set their eyes on this piece.

This aquarium is not too small to restrict your creativity or very large to require too much maintenance, this size is perfect enough to make a statement. It is also truly more relaxing and stimulating for the fishes.

The Fluval 55 Gallon Premium Aquarium Kit comes with nutritious fish food and water conditioner, 55 gallon glass aquarium that is both heat and scratch resistant, 40 Watt Fluorescent Aqua Glo Bulb, C4 Power Filter that is very powerful yet incredibly easy to use, M200- Watt Submersible Heater, LCD Thermometer and a Fluorescent Canopy, and much more.

Fluval Premium Aquarium Conclusions

In the Fluval's premium tank range, there is something for aquarists at every level, and the prices are very affordable. Fluval is known to provide innovative products which is why it has garnered a huge pool of loyal customer base for itself.

When buying an aquarium for myself, I always go for a brand that is guaranteed to deliver in terms of quality because I don't want to pay hundreds in repair. Fluval does exactly that.

When buying a Fluval aquarium, you are not just making a purchase but an investment for your home. You don't have to worry about purchasing heaters, thermometers or separate lights. This kit has it all, saving you additional expenses that can end up costing a fortune.

Not only that, from my experience I know that many beginner fish enthusiasts do not fully know what elements are needed for the smooth functioning of an aquarium.

With these Fluval tank  kits, you don't have to worry about that because they come fully equipped with all the important elements you need to set up and start your own thriving fish aquarium.

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