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Fluval Edge Aquarium Review

The Fluval Edge aquarium is a fish tank made with the quality and expertise that you would expect from one of the leaders in fish tank design and manufacturing. The fish tank, although a compact cube design, comes with all that you need to make sure that it is a great home for your fish.

There are LED lights as standard with the Fluval Edge aquarium, which means you can start to use them straight away. 

If you are looking for an aquarium for your home or office, then you can find out more with this Fluval Edge aquarium review. It is a compact tank, but still has many great features that could make it the perfect choice for your needs. 

Fluval Edge LED AquariumFluval Edge LED Aquarium

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Size and Shape Of The Fluval Edge Aquarium

The tank is a cube shape that is small but perfectly formed, with a 46-liter capacity in the tank. This makes it a good option for small spaces, but the tank still has a lot of style and substance.

Being the perfect choice for placing on a table or as part of a fixed shelving unit, it would work well in both home and office, adding a real decorative piece to the room, rather than it looking like an industrial fish tank. 

The size of the fish tank that you choose will often determine how many fish can fit in there comfortably and safely.

As a result, due to the compact size of the Fluval Edge, it would not suit someone looking to have a lot of fish in the tank. The Fluval Edge Aquarium may limit the number of fish that can fit comfortably in there, as generally, you should think of a rule of one fish per one gallon.

If you are using smaller and more slender fish, then this ratio could change slightly, but with a 46-liter capacity, the equivalent of twelve gallons, it would mean around 10 -11 fish.

The Fluval edge aquarium feature:

  • The dimensions of the fish tank are 16.9 x 10.2 x 23.4 inches.
  • Cube shape, with 46-liter water capacity.
  • Powerful filter.
  • LED lights built-in, as standard.
  • Three different light settings.

Any fish tank that comes with a powerful filter and includes lighting makes a good fish tank. With these coming as standard with the Fluval Edge, you won’t have to pay for more filters or to get additional lights, making it a great buy.

The filter of a fish tank is important, and the edge clip-on powerful filter helps to keep the tank water circulating. As a result, it should be the only filter that is needed, helping you to have value for money. 

The addition of the LED lights with their various settings, is a real selling point. Due to the fact that LED bulbs are used, the lights will last longer than standard light bulbs, which is another great feature showing you just how good value for money the Fluval Edge fish tank is.

When the time comes to get replacements, whether that is lights or any other aspect of the fish tank, then you can easily and quickly source the parts from the manufacturer.

Key Selling Points Of The Fluval Edge Aquarium

The features of the Fluval Edge fish tank have been discussed, as well as how the features offer real value for money. But what are some of the main reasons why you need to buy the Fluval Edge for your home or workplace? 

One of the selling points is that the aquarium manufacturer is a world leader in their design and manufacturing of fish tanks. You can rest assured that you will be getting a piece of top-quality equipment when purchasing the Fluval Edge. 

Other top features of the fish tank include the unique cube shape of the tank. Gone are the days of having ugly and boxy-looking fish tanks or fish tanks that overpower the space that you have. Due to its unique shape, the fish tank can become a real talking point in the home or the office. As such, it is a fish tank that will suit a space filled with modern decor.

Although the tank comes with a 2-year warranty, you can have peace of mind that the tank is made from quality materials, made from extremely durable glass. You don’t have to worry about cracks or leaking with this. However, the warranty means that you are protected if there are any manufacturing issues, including if there are problems with the seal that goes around the tank. 

The filter and lights come with it, adding value for money, as well as different supplements and water conditioners coming with the tank too. If you’re new to fish tanks, then you also don’t have to waste time and money researching which are the best filters or the best lights for tanks.

The fact that they are included means that you can be ready to go right out of the box. With an easy setup, you can be looking after your fish in no time at all. If you are new to keeping fish or want to just simply get something set up in the office, then it can be a great tank for beginners, including the majority of things that you need, as well as working well for experts alike. 

The light fixture can hold over 40 LED lights, and as described above, comes with three separate light settings. This is another great feature so that you can adjust the light to the time of day, and have ‘mood’ lighting at night, rather than just having to simply switch the tank lights on and off.

At work or at home, you can see your fish doing their thing with the right kind of light for the time of day, and with the striking Fluval Edge aquarium style, it can be an attractive piece of decor in the room too.

The Fluval edge aquarium also comes with water conditioner and fish supplements. Other than gravel, sand, plants, and fish, you have everything you need to set up your tank.

Is there anything to not like about the aquarium? This is a high-quality tank. There is no doubt about it. The only potential issue is the size. While this offers convenience, it also limits the number of fish that you can stock your tank with.

As mentioned, you could probably stock about one dozen fish, depending on their overall size.

Fluval Edge Fish Tank Prices

The fluval edge 23 litre aquarium is priced from £150 - available from Amazon.co.uk


There is no doubt that the Fluval Edge is a superior fish tank with a modern and contemporary style. The design is simple yet stylish, and the tank itself is well made, durable, and solid.

Coming with nearly everything you need to get started, you can really simplify the princess of getting your tank all set up; you will just need to add fish, gravel, and any decorations that you wish. 

For those looking to stock only a small amount of fish or are beginners at being fish owners, then this can be the ideal choice for you.

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