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Cylindrical Fish Aquarium

One of the most commonly preferred cylindrical fish aquariums in the market today is the Bi-orb aquarium, because of its compact build features and design styling.

Hence, if you are staying in a small studio apartment, flat or condo and are searching for a simple means through which you can enhance the design and décor of your home without taking up much space, consider buying the Bi-orb aquarium.

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  • Measures 33.5 cm (diameter) and 45.5 cm (height) and weighs roughly 7 kgs. Consequently, portability and storage when not in use should not be an issue.
  • Pump driven power filter that functions in ensuring that the water is fresh hence preventing accumulation of algae.
  • Cartridge based filtration. (Monthly change).

Other features that are worth writing home about in regards to this cylindrical fish aquarium are the on and off light button that allows you to provide halogen or LED (depending on model) illumination at night, hence making it easier for people to view the fish.

The design and styling of the Biorb cylinder aquarium make it ideal for homeowners who would like to showcase their collection of exotic fish. The size is also ideal for displaying up to 8-9 exotic fish.

The acrylic material has also been made in such a way that it is much clearer than conventional glass.

(For acrylic vs glass as a fish tank material - go here: acrylic vs glass aquariums.

Perhaps the key attractive feature is the fact that you can fill it with water to the brim without having to be overly concerned about water spillage.

Living With A Cylindrical Fish Aquarium


  • It makes use of a filter cartridge that lasts roughly 30 days before replacement. What's more is that the cartridge is easy to replace using Bi-orb service kits thereby eliminating the need for calling a handyman.
  • Great tank design ensures good water circulation which is oxygenated properly. Moreover, the feature will eliminate any nasty smells in the water.
  • The aesthetic design is appealing hence making it one of the best décor elements to use at home or in the office.
  • Features include LED or halogen lights (depending on model) that functions in giving the aquarium a back-light effect at night. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that your fish is active throughout the night, the LED lights also provide you with better illumination.


  • The pump is located outside the tank.
  • The air pump is noisy.

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