The Big Fish Tank E-book And Tutorial

This is your Complete Reference Guide to buying a Fish Tank, choosing your fish, setting it all up like a pro, and enjoying a stunningly beautiful and peaceful aquarium of your very own.

Chapters Include:

  • The Benefits Of Having An Aquarium
  • Choosing The Right Aquarium
  • What Size And Shape Of Tank
  • Getting Started - The Essentials
  • Fish Tank Set Up
  • Freshwater Or Saltwater Fish
  • The Best Aquarium Fish To Raise
  • Plus Lots More...
Which Fish Tank EbookWhich Fish Tank Ebook

You've Always Wanted a GREAT Fish Tank Filled with Beautiful Fish and Plants. Here's How YOU Can Do It with The Big Fish Tank Ebook - a Simple Step-by-Step Method ANYONE Can Use.

Your big fish tank will be impressive, inspiring, and greatly add to the mood and healthy environment of your home or office. But unless you already have LOTS of experience with fish and their upkeep, you're destined for failure.

What SHOULD be an easy and trouble free experience will turn into a dirty toxic tank and expensive dying fish. Now you've got a huge mess to clean up, lots of disappointment, and one of life's biggest MISSED opportunities.

Now you can get a BEAUTIFUL , HEALTHY Fish Tank on the very first try, with:

The Big Fish Tank Ebook  - Only £10

Which Fish Tank EbookWhich Fish Tank Ebook

There's no denying a thriving, healthy fish tank is a wonderful thing that adds immeasurably to life. It's an entire ecosystem all its own. You have live beings that all serve different functions in the system. You get a huge dose of natural beauty 24/7.

The natural pleasure of a well run fish tank can be astounding.

You can have simple gold fish or step up to exotic salt water fish that are stunning in their appearance and activity.

 The soft bubbling of the air into water, the graceful movements of fins, special tank lighting, and the oohs and ahhhs of friends, family, will blend for an extraordinary experience.

People who own a healthy, thriving fish tank get some special benefits. Your tank will be very relaxing. After a long day and equally long commute home, you'll find yourself sitting by your tank, watching the fish, relaxing as the anxiety quickly flows out of you.

You feel better now. When a family member enters the room you realize you are smiling, for no other reason than the tank makes you relaxed and happy.

Starting Your Own Fish Tank the EASY Way

For those who have never had a fish tank, getting a healthy one started can be quite difficult. You might have tried when you were a kid. You got the little fish bowl from a pet shop and 5 or 6 of their gold fish.

The next morning half the fish were dead. Within a week they were all belly up, and the tank was looking a bit dark and depressing.

 Lots of businesses decide they want the benefits of an exotic salt water aquarium. But after spending hundreds to thousands of dollars, their fish aquarium is full of sick and dying fish.

 They drain the tank, scrub it, spend more on filters, buy more fish, and repeat the disaster all over again. Not only have they spent a ton of money with no results, they've got a big stinky mess fouling their office. Yikes!

 Most people decide right there they aren't cut out for owning a fish tank.

 You may have jumped online -  searched for a site or tutorial that would instruct you how to do a fish tank right, but you found very little information.

And when you did find an article about keeping a tank, it was woefully lacking in detail. It didn't give you nearly enough info to step you through the process of choosing the right equipment and establish a healthy environment for the right fish.

 So many questions and so little time. What you need is a friendly expert who can tell you what you need to know in clear language anyone can immediately understand. Thank goodness that long awaited tutorial is FINALLY HERE!

I've got great news for you.

It just takes a little professional knowledge to have a very happy fish experience. With a few pointers and 1-2-3's you'll have a BEAUTIFUL fish tank with healthy, happy, and quite frankly STUNNING fish. Your fish will thrive, your tank will look AMAZING, and you'll be a genius to all your friends and family.

 Friends will say "I'm never able to make a fish tank look this impressive. How do you do it?"

 Friends will have their mouths agape as they admire what you've done. You don't have to tell them you learned it all from a simple E-book written by a fish tank expert.

In The Big Fish Tank Book And Tutorial:

Here is just a short list of topics covered in the Which Fish Tank Book:

 The Benefits of Having an Aquarium

 Getting Started: The Essentials

 The Best Aquarium Fish to Raise

 Saltwater or Freshwater Fish?

 Choosing The Right Aquarium

 What Size And Shape Tank Should You Get? 

Fish Tank Set-up

 How to Set Up A Freshwater Aquarium

 Marine Aquarium Set Up

 Preparation - Maintaining your marine aquarium

 And more...

Plus a Resources directory to learn more about your new hobby.

As the author of this book, I don't assume you know ANYTHING about starting an aquarium. If the idea struck you for the first time this morning, you're going to be very happy with this book.

I explain everything as we go in easy to digest, very clear detail. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can DUPLICATE my method to have an awesome successful aquarium.

 I will help you choose the kind of fish you want - both fresh water and salt water. I will also give you pointers on finding the tank that is just right for both you and your fish.

I'll tell you about buying equipment online and getting a great deal on quality equipment.


You also learn about the various types of fish tanks with advice on the pluses and minuses of each. I'll help you pick the right spot in your home or workplace for your fish tank.


We'll also spend several chapters discussing the best way to maintain your tank so it's never plagued by algae or unhealthy conditions. Keeping the water clean, taking care of your rocks and other structures, and a lot more.


You will learn the professional's simple methods for keeping the salt content right for salt water fish, maintaining the filters, and choosing the right filters for your setup.

This Book Saves You TIME and Lots of HEARTACHE

A poorly designed aquarium can suck up your free time like nothing else. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll be constantly cleaning, replacing, buying new equipment, and forever picking out dead fish.

This books puts you on the proven path to owning a professionally designed and maintained aquarium. You get step-by-step details on nearly EVERY aspect of building and running an exceptional beautiful aquarium that thrives with ALMOST NO WORK!


If you want a fabulous aquatic environment that practically runs itself, THIS BOOK IS WHAT YOU NEED.

This is the most COMPLETE book ever written on fish tanks and fish. It covers absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know. Yes, this is the quick guide for beginners. But it's also the BIG complete resource you will turn to for years of aquarium enjoyment.

When you get a problem with your tank, this book will show you how to quickly solve it.


When you're ready to expand your operation, this book will tell you what to do for best results.


If you already have a tank but feel you're doing something wrong, this book will answer all your questions and put you on the path to easy success.


Now You've Got EVERYTHING You Need to Be a Fish Aquarium Expert


My book is the tour de force that lets anyone own a fabulously healthy, beautiful, and inspiring fish tank. Buy this ebook now, download it, and read it. This is the simple, clear, well thought out resource you need to become an expert on fish tanks. Even if you just want enough info to get started on a simple tank with a few fish, this book will help you with that.


Get the THE BIG FISH AND TANK BOOK AND TUTORIAL now. It could be the most important book you read all year.

“This product comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read this book cover to cover, and if the strategies don’t work for you within 60 days, we’ll cheerfully refund your money, and you can keep the product too!”