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 the best fish for kids to have as a pet?

Your child has been begging you for a pet for a long time. Instead of starting them out with a dog or a cat, why not get them a few fish instead? So - what are the best fish for kids?

If you don’t want their pet to go belly up in a few months, you’ll need to start with hardy fishes. Check out this guide for a complete list of these fish.

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Boy watching fish swimBoy watching fish swim

Photo by Biljana Martinic on Unsplash


Red GuppiesRed Guppies

There is one thing that's true about pretty much any child. They're fascinated by colours, which is what guppies bring to the table. They come in a wide range of bright and interesting colours. 

Your child will be staring at their little aquarium for hours just watching their fish swim around. Another reason why they make the perfect first pet fish is that they aren't hard to care for. 

As long as you keep their tank clean and feed them the right food, they'll be happy. Speaking of their diet, they are omnivorous so they'll eat pretty much anything. Just make sure to give them a healthy balance of dry and live food. 

As a little side note, guppies enjoy having company. So, consider getting at least 3 of them when you're buying your child's fish. The more guppies, the better. 


Fancy GoldfishFancy Goldfish

Now we move on to the classic goldfish. They're one of the most popular pet fishes for kids and for good reason. If you want to include a mixture of other freshwater fish species in a single tank, goldfish are great for this. 

They're docile and won't bother any of the other fish in the tank. They're also easy to take care of because they can live off of dry fish flakes. 

We will say that goldfish grow pretty fast. The larger they get, the more poop they create. You'll need to invest in a good aquarium filter to keep their environment sanitary. 


Molly FishMolly Fish

Like guppies, mollies flourish in groups. The problem with putting more than one in a tank is that they breed fast. If you're not careful, your kid will have a whole tank full of baby fish that they have to take care of. 

They come in a wide range of colours so your child will have a fun time watching them swim. They aren't picky eaters. They can survive off of pretty much any food you put in the tank. 

They enjoy hiding in plants so make sure that you provide them with a few that they can duck in and out of. They are freshwater fish but they won't say no to a little aquarium salt.

If you've included them in a tank with a bunch of different types of fish for kids, make sure that all of them can handle the salt before you include it. If you're unsure, someone at your local pet shop can tell you. 



Danios are one of the more popular fish for beginners. This is because they have an interesting pattern and bright personalities. 

They pack tons of energy and playfulness. You'll want to keep them at least in groups of six or you'll risk your fish feeling isolated and sad. Like goldfish, keeping them on a simple fish flake diet will be enough to make them happy.


Orange AngelfishOrange Angelfish

Angelfish aren't as colourful as some of the other species on this list but that doesn't mean they're not interesting to look at. Their unique triangle shape helps set them apart from most other aquarium fish. 

Angelfish are omnivores but a good portion of their diet includes live prey. It won't be too hard for you to replicate their environment.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is tank size. Anything less than 20 gallons will be way too small to accommodate them. For the most part, angelfish are pretty docile but the older males can get a little aggressive when it comes to mating. 

Betta Fish

Betta FishBetta Fish

The first thing you need to know about betta fish is that the males can be pretty aggressive. If your child puts two males in a tank together they will fight. 

You also want to be careful about putting bettas with other fish because they might decide to eat their young. Bettas are jumpers so you should keep a cover over the top of the tank at all times. When your child is cleaning their tank, provide supervision because the fish might end up on the floor. 

Other than that, bettas aren't hard to take care of. They eat a variety of different foods, they don't die easily, and your child will love their flashy colours.


Albino CorydorasAlbino Corydoras

Cory catfish aren't expensive to own and if your child takes care of them, they will live for years. They have a calm temperament, ideal in their own group of 5 or 6, and that makes them a great addition to tanks with mixed species. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind when owning them is their diet. They need a good balance of flakes, and dried or frozen live foods in order to survive. 

Best Fish for Kids to Start Out with

Before you get your child a dog or a cat, it might be a good idea to start them with a fish or two. Fish are easy to take care of and can teach them the value of responsibility. 

Some of the best fish for kids come in wide ranges of colours. Purchase the right ones and your children will be interested in their aquarium from the get go.

Even though these are pretty easy to care for, it's easy to slip up if you've never had a tank in your home before. Go here to pick up our Which Fish Tank E-book for a bunch of helpful tips.