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best fish for 3 gallon Tank

If you’ve got a small fish tank at home, or you’re thinking about purchasing a new tank, and you’re wondering what kind of fish to buy, this guide has some brilliant best fish for 3 gallon fish tank ideas. 

When you’re buying fish to live in a tank at home, it’s crucial to consider the size of the aquarium before you decide which types of fish to buy.

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Betta FishBetta Fish

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Types Of Best Fish For 3 Gallon Tank?

Different kinds of fish are suited to different tanks, and it’s wise to make sure that the varieties you’re looking at will thrive in your tank.

For relatively small 3 gallon tanks, there are several options. Here are some of the best examples:


Bettas (Betta Splendens) are a wonderful option for small fish tanks, and they are a popular choice for households with starter aquariums.

Bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish and they come from Southeast Asia. Colorful and agile with flowing, ornate fins, they are diminutive in size (6-8cm), but they have plenty of personalities.

Due to the fact that they can become aggressive, male bettas should be kept on their own. It is possible for bettas to co-exist with other types of fish, but they do have a reputation for being feisty and anti-social. 


Guppies are a very popular choice for beginners looking to get started with a small home tank.

Guppies are energetic and graceful, and they are relatively easy to care for, which makes them an excellent option for families with young children.

Also known as fancy guppies, guppies have a vibrant display of color, and they are sociable creatures, which tend to stick together. For a 3 gallon tank, it’s best to opt for a small school of 3 to 4 fish to prevent overcrowding.

You may sometimes see guppy fish referred to as rainbow fish or million fish. Adding guppies to your tank is sure to create an eye-catching display, as each individual fish is likely to have different patterns, markings, and colors. 


Tetras are schooling fish. This means that they thrive in groups. For a small tank, it’s best to stick to a school of up to 5 fish.

Tetras are a common feature of home aquariums, but they are more suited to those who have experience of keeping fish rather than beginners.

There are several species of tetras. Neon tetras often turn heads as a result of their vivid colors, and they’re ideal for adding flashes of color to a small tank. Neon tetras are sensitive, so it’s critical to keep the water conditions absolutely perfect.

Zebra Danios:

The Zebra Danio fish is a small fish, which enjoys the company of others.

Ideally suited to a small or medium-sized tank, you can keep up to 4 fish in a 3-gallon container. 

Zebra Danio fish are often recommended for novices because they tend to be hardier than many other types of fish and they’re not quite as sensitive to their environment.

This kind of fish is native to Southeast Asia and it is known for its unique striped body, which resembles a zebra. The Zebra Danio is also known as a zebrafish. 

Pygmy Gourami:

The pygmy gourami, also known as the dwarf gourami (Trichopsis pumila), is one of the smallest species of the gourami fish family, making it an excellent choice for a 3-5 gallon tank.

This type of fish usually measures up to 1.5 inches and it is characterized by its brightly colored body. If you have a small tank, it’s best to keep a single gourami.

These fish like quiet spots and they can start to lose their vivid color if they are exposed to too much light. 

Choosing The Right Kind Of Fish For Your Tank

The size of the tank is a key consideration when choosing which type of fish to buy, but it’s also wise to explore other factors, including the ease of keeping different fish, the location of your tank, exposure to light and noise and who is in charge of tending to the fish.

You will also need to think about how many fish you want to keep and whether you want to buy more than one type of tropical fish. If you’re buying fish for small children, for example, it’s always beneficial to look for sturdier, hardier types, which are relatively straightforward to keep, such as Guppies and Zebra Danios.

Some fish are more sensitive to light and noise than others, and some are more sociable. If you’re keen to combine different types of fish, bettas and dwarf gouramis may not be the best option. 

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Guppy FishGuppy Fish

Picture credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/guppy-fish-aquarium-freshwater-2921783/


When you buy a small fish tank, it’s vital to make sure you add the right kinds of fish. Some fish grow rapidly and they need a lot of space, while others will thrive in a 3-gallon tank.

There are several types of fish that are suited to small tanks, and it’s beneficial to consider a range of factors before you decide which fish you want to take home with you. Guppies, and Zebra Danios, are popular choices for families and those with mixed aquariums, while bettas are a stunning addition to small tanks that have a limited number of occupants with their fancy fins and beautiful colors.

If you’re a beginner, or you have small children, the Zebra Danio fish crosses all of the boxes, as it is hardy and easy to look after, and it looks splendid with its distinctive striped body. If you have any questions, or you’re not sure where to begin finding the best fish for a 3-gallon tank, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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