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Aqueon Fish Tank Starter Kit Review

The Aqueon fish tank starter kit replicates the natural habitat of the fish, it comes with everything you need to start up including an enhanced 5 stage filter system, and ammonia speciality filter pad that helps the fishtank maintain clean and healthy water.

It has a hood where the LED is seamlessly integrated which provides the tank with a medium glow of light which isn’t so bright to affect the fish inside it, it also houses a preset heater which is another step taken by the makers to ensure that the fishes inside are more comfortable inside at a temperature of 78 degrees, at this temperature, many tropical fishes will rejoice in their fish tank.

There are also so many extras and free items, like a thermometer, fish food, net in the box, relieving you of the stress of running back into the pet shop to grab some other important things you may need, with this fish aquarium, all you need is to set it up and enjoy your new fish keeping hobby.

Aqueon fish tank

Incredible Features of The Aqueon fish aquarium starter kit

Spacious Tank

You will be happy to hear that this aquarium is designed with a 20-gallon tank that ensures many small fish can swim around happily in the tank.

Compact Size

Even with the spacious tank, this aquarium takes very less space in your house. It can be installed by families living in apartments as well.

The overall dimensions are 20.25 x 10.05 x 19 inches. The black finish on top and the bottom end of this fish tank give it a very classy and impressive detailed look.

Lighting Mechanics

Aqueon have installed special LED lighting into this fish tank so that it can illuminate an attractive day and night light to ensure your perfect home decor. These LED lights also help in the growth of low light plants inside your aquarium.

Powerful Filter Unit

How can we forget to talk about its advanced filter system? The pro power filter works with a medium range cartridge and it also has an LED indicator that shows when you have to change the cartridge to ensure healthy operation of the filter.

It is definitely a great addition to fish tank design as homeowners need not worry about whether their fish tank filter is working well or not, the indicator will keep on displaying all details, all of the time.

Heating System

The Aqueon fish tank starter kit also features a 50 Watt heating element along with a robust thermometer. It helps to maintain the perfect temperature inside so that your fishes can have a healthy environment to live in.

Aqueon Fish Tank Video Review

Aqueon fish tank advantages

  1.      Advanced filtration system.
  2.          Easy to handle setup.
  3.          Spacious design yet compact size.
  4.       A very good choice for beginners.

Aqueon fish tank disadvantages

  1. This tank may not be suitable for larger fish.
  2. You may find this tank a little on the expensive side.


If you are searching for a top class fish tank model, then  the Aqueon Aquarium fish tank starter kit with led lighting is definitely one of the best choices for you.

This aquarium is loaded with all quality features and it can maintain a perfect appeal in your home or office.


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