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Why Is Aquarium Lighting Crucial For Your Fish?

The importance of lighting in an aquarium can't be underestimated. Not only does it illuminate the underwater world for you to enjoy, but also provides energy and oxygen so that all life - fish included - gets a good quality environment with plenty of light.

This means growth hormones are produced by plants or photosynthetic organisms which cause healthy color changes on their tissues depending upon its needs at the time.

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Aquarium LightingAquarium Lighting

First and foremost, you need to establish the type of fish aquarium you would like to purchase. An aquarium specially designed only for fish needs minimal illumination. As such, the light strips that pass through the glass walls are enough to offer excellent living condition.

On the other hand, aquariums designed specifically for fish can do without installation of dedicated fish tank lighting so long as the room where the fish tank has been receiving proper natural light.

Aquarium Light Installation

Compute the number of wattages required in case you would like to include underwater plants. A rule of the thumb that you should always keep in mind when shopping for aquarium lights is, “fish tanks with underwater plants require at least 4 wattages of light per one gallon of water”.

Nevertheless, if the aquarium is deep, you need to consider buying lighting with more wattage so as to enable more light to get to the base of the tank. The type of plant included in the fish aquarium may also determine the type of wattage to buy. There are certain aquarium plants that require extra light than others in order to thrive.

Lastly, you need to take into consideration the color of the fish tank light bulbs to install in your tank. This is because aquarium fluorescent light bulbs are graded according to temperatures.

 Lighting Features

Good lighting can convert an ordinary fish tank into a master piece in a reception area or living room.

There are different designs and models accessible in the market ranging from fluorescent bulbs which lights the fish tank to highly specialized light bulbs featuring high wattage, thereby enabling hobbyists to nurture luxurious underwater gardens.

Generally speaking, proper lighting is required for the wellness of your fish, and your plants to thrive.

When selecting aquarium lighting, take into account whether it will allow the fish to imitate some of the conditions it experiences in the wild.

Fluorescent Lighting

There are many types of lighting available, and the most common is fluorescent. It’s well suited for freshwater fish or planted tanks because it comes in a variety sizes to fit any aquarium hood or light fixture - there's no need to buy expensive custom-made fixtures just so you can have adequate amounts natural sunlight!

t-5 hO (high Output) Fluorescent

If you have a large tank and want to fill it with bright lights, T-5 HO bulbs are the perfect choice. These types of lighting emit more heat than standard fluorescents but deliver greater brightness for deeper penetrations in your aquatic environment - making them an excellent choice where strong illumination is required.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

LEDs are quickly becoming the favorite light for aquariums due to their slim design, shimmer effects and colors. They also have low operating temperatures which makes them perfect for most aquatic environments!

A wide selection of sizes is available so you can find one just right for your space - no matter how big or small it may be; all while knowing that LED lighting will remain consistent with its color through out its lifetime without ever changing brightness levels or turning on/off randomly like traditional HID lighting devices do.

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