Your 90 Litre Aquarium 

Whatever your reason for buying your first fish tank, your 90 litre aquarium can be a much-needed solution to all your fish tank woes.

Ideally this size of aquarium is better for beginners as the extra volume of water stabilizes the aquarium, and makes it easier to maintain.

Maybe you’ve found yourself doing some research on an amazing looking fish, only to find out that it required a great deal of fish tank space in order to thrive. Perhaps your once baby fish are now becoming to large for your current tank.

Not to mention, these tanks can make an excellent choice for housing spectacular and colourful tropical fish.

However, it can be tricky when deciding on fish for your new aquarium. Here are 6 useful tips and ideas for setting up your 90-litre aquarium.

1. Consider how many tropical fish that your 90 litre aquarium is able to hold.

Remember this general and simple rule: for every inch of fish, there is a gallon of water. For larger species of fish such as marine fish (Klein’s Butterflies, Percula Clowns), and cold-water fish (Goldfish and Dragonfish), you would want to have three or four gallons of water for every inch of fish.

A 90-litre tank usually has a capacity of about 20 gallons, so the aquarium can hold about four to six large fish. Or, it can hold about ten tropical fish that are no bigger than two inches long. However, it is good to follow this rule when looking at sizes of fishes for your aquarium.

2. It is important to note how certain fish will interact with other fish.

For example, it would not be good to have two angelfish inside a 90-litre fish tank. Although they would both technically fit inside the tank, angelfish can become very aggressive with each other and other fish.

This can be a serious problem when keeping other species of tropical fish inside the same aquarium.

3. Be aware when choosing fish for your 90 litre aquarium.

Many fish are not appropriate for a community size tank. If you are interested in a certain fish, take note of the maximum growth of an adult fish in that species, and purchase a large enough fish tank to house them.

4. Remember not to overstock your 90 litre aquarium.

It's vital not to overstock your tank. Simply add one or two fish, after you have cycled your aquarium. - Then after two weeks, you can add another one or two more fish. Doing this will allow your fish to adapt and acclimatise to their surroundings.

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5. Be careful with overpopulation of fish.

Fish will start to compete for food, and some fish will start to lose feelings of security within their territory. This stress will cause overaggressive behavior in some fishes towards other fishes within your aquarium.

You will also have to do more cleaning maintenance for your aquarium as more fishes produce a greater amount of toxic waste. Fishes may also be more susceptible to stress and disease and a shorter life span as a result.

6. Consider a fish’s behaviour.

This will tell you if the fish is going to adjust well to the size of your tank. For instance, Zebra Danios are very active fish and will need lots of room to swim on a daily basis.

Also, find out which fishes are more territorial than others - as they will need more room to mark their territory inside the aquarium.

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