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Tropical Fish Tanks

Tropical Fish TankTropical Fish Tank

Using tropical fish tanks for the first time can be daunting. Here are a few easy tips, resulting in a fun an enjoyable experience.

Enjoy your first exciting journey into the world of tropical fish.

Essential Equipment You Will Need

We take a look at some of the main components and equipment required for these fish tanks to operate:

  • Tropical aquariums require more complex equipment than cold water tanks. When keeping a fish tank, the lives of the tropical fish are in your hands, so it is most important that you have your aquarium fitted correctly and placed on a strong and sturdy stand or cabinet ready to use.
  • Tropical Fish Tank Heaters are used to maintain the correct water temperature, and they are a vital piece of equipment used in any type of tropical fish aquarium. Wrong temperatures in the water can result in the fish dying - as they cannot regulate their body temperature. 
  • As well as the heater, you should use an independent thermometer in your tank to ensure the water is the right temperature at all times.
  • For tropical fish this is normally considered to be 72-84º F/22-29º C 
  • A dechlorinator is a water treatment system which is designed to remove all traces of harmful chlorine from the water- As chlorine is fatal to fish. This is generally only required when you are using tap water from your home.
  • Substrate refers to all types of plants, gravel and decoration that may be used in a fish tank. Live plants will help to remove harmful nitrates in the water. They will also introduce helpful bacteria into a tropical fish aquarium, which will be beneficial for your fish.

Tropical Fish Tanks For Sale

  • Aquarium Flourescent Lighting systems are required for all live plants, they are also used to copy the normal patterns of night and day. You can use a special timer that will turn the lights on and off at set times.
  • Normally between 8 - 10 hours of light is ideal inside a fish tank - any more than that and there is a greater chance of algae growing !.
  • An Aquarium Algae scraper is a magnetic device that allows you to easily remove algae from the glass inside of the tank, without having to get your hands wet.It is a very useful tool to have when maintaining your fish aquarium.

If you are serious about setting up a tropical fish aquarium it may be worth investing in the Which Fish Tank Book, which you will be able to refer to, if you need additional information.

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