Marine Aquariums

If you are fond of fishes and sea creatures, having marine aquariums in your own home can be very impressive and rewarding. Since this involves animal welfare, installing an aquarium is something which should be done with care.

Marine AquariumMarine Aquarium

This task seems to be tough but it is possible. Here are some ways to set up your own marine fish tank and how to keep it clean and safe for the animals inside it.

First, it is important to know the 2 types of marine tanks, namely fish only aquarium and reef aquarium.

A fish only aquarium is easier to maintain and set up than a reef tank because the latter includes corals which would need a good quality of water.

For both types of aquariums, you will need the following items: an aquarium, powerheads for water circulation, filtration, protein skimmer and lighting.

These things are necessary to be able to set up an excellent aquarium. There are also other things which are not essential in an aquarium but putting them as accessories would make your aquarium more attractive.

Choosing the right components of marine fish tank supplies

Putting all the necessary components of  marine aquariums together is simply not enough as a good quality of these items must also be considered. Here are a few tips in looking for marine aquarium components.

Protein Skimmer

In searching for a protein skimmer, choose one that is made for a larger aquarium than the one which you are planning to buy. If your aquarium can fill 200 litres of water, get a protein skimmer that is meant for an aquarium that can carry 300 litres or more.


Allow 1 watt of heating per 1 litre of water. If your aquarium is large, you may need more than 1 heater to ensure that the tank will be safe for the fishes you keep in your marine tank.


Marine tank filtration refers to the purification of the water in an aquarium. Like the filters we use at home in our drinking system, a filtration system aids in having a clean environment.

Marine Aquariums

It is best to choose a large aquarium so that the fishes can have a larger swimming area. Also, the fish will grow in a few month’s time so make sure that they will have enough room. To be sure, check the minimum required tank size for the variety of marine fish you would want to keep in your aquarium.

Water and Rock-work

After buying all the equipment, it is time to put water and rock-work into your aquarium. Good water quality is essential for a marine fish tank, so choose reverse osmosis water for your marine aquariums system as this kind of water has had the contaminants and metals removed.

For the rock work, it is recommended that live rocks should be used because this will form part of the water filtration system of your aquarium. Approximately 1 pound of live rock is needed for every 10 litres of aquarium water. You can then put sand and pebbles at the bottom.

Put all of these components together and make sure that there is excellent water movement in the marine fish tank because this is vital to the health of your marine fish.

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