Marine Aquarium Set Up

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To be able to have your marine aquarium set up, you have to know the basic components that make up a marine aquarium which includes the following; the tank, water, sand, rock, filter, circulation, heating and lighting, and aspects which need to be monitored such as the temperature, ph level of water and salinity.

Having all of these components put together correctly, you can have your own impressive marine aquarium setup and start seeing all those lovely sea water fishes swimming happily right in your own home. But the question is, how do you get started?.

Choose The Right Location

Do not just place your aquarium tank anywhere you want it. Placing it in an area which is near to natural lighting sources is a no-no. Natural light can bring about excessive algae growth.

The best place to situate your marine aquarium is in a cool and well-ventilated room. Also, get a big aquarium tank to allow a large swimming area for the fishes that would live in the tank. Along with that, get a sturdy stand that could carry the heavy weight of the completed aquarium and everything that is in it.

Prepare Your Aquarium

Before putting in the water, sand, rocks and fishes inside the tank, clean the aquarium tank first with fresh-water and a sponge.

Never use any kind of chemical cleansers. Once it has been cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, you can place the sand, water in it. You can buy a pre-mixed salted water or you may also use filtered or tap water. Just be careful to mix the right amount of salt in it.

Decorate Your Marine Tank

The term used to refer to decorating the aquarium is aqua-scaping. In aqua-scaping, you can make use of any design that you want. Be creative.

Decorating the aquarium will make it more attractive. However, do not just place any item you want. Use the live rock to aquascape your aquarium.

This way, the fishes can adjust to their new home because it somehow resembles their natural habitat. These live rocks can be used by the fishes as their home inside the aquarium.

Get a cured live rock that is ready to be installed in your tank.

A Beautiful Marine Reef Tank

Cycling The Marine Aquarium Set Up Properly

Once you have your Marine aquarium set up, Put in the marine substrate, added the water and décor in your aquarium, allow the tank to cycle. Cycling is the process of establishing the biological filtration in an aquarium.

Since a new aquarium does not yet have the bacteria needed for the fish to survive, the newly set-up aquarium has to be cycled first. This can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the size of the tank, and the species of marine fish that you are planning to have.

Add The Marine Fish

Once the tank has been cycled, the water tested and necessary adjustments have been made, you can add the fishes into the tank. Remember not to overcrowd your tank. If you want to make additions, whether it be fishes, invertebrates or corals, do it one at a time so as not to overload your marine aquarium. 

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