Juwel Rekord Aquarium Review

This Juwel Rekord Aquarium is perfect for both new and the seasoned fish keepers. What I love is that the aquariums come with all the necessary components.

All you really need to do is buy the substrates, plants and fish, and actually focus on creating the ecosystem, which really is the most exciting part.

Juwel Rekord 600 Aquarium

Why Buy Juwel Rekord Aquariums?

The lid of the aquariums is foldable, which makes it easy to remove during cleaning or while working on your aquarium, and any remains of water condensed on top is collected and put back in the aquarium.

The lid also contains a flap that perfectly holds the Juwel automatic feeder which, if you are someone like me who is busy or likes to go on vacations, is incredibly important to keep our little aquatic pets fed.

Important Features of the Juwel Rekord Aquarium

For lighting, the aquarium comes with 15 Watt T8 fluorescent tube, which provides excellent luminosity to bring out the vivacity of the aquatic world inside.Needless to say, it is waterproof.

The next two components - filter and heater - are very important parts of an aquarium. Filters are what removes the excess food, chemicals, decaying particles, and the other pollutants from the water.

It prevents it from getting cloudy, which can be dangerous, and even deadly, to the fish.

Rekord aquariums come with the Bio-flow Super Filter System which is very powerful and efficient in keeping the internal environment non-toxic and healthy. Even though the circulation pump in this filter - Ecosystem 300 - is incredibly powerful - It is extremely quiet in operation.

When it comes to heaters, they are important to control the temperature of the aquarium, which is a factor that is crucial for the well-being of the fishes. They prevent the water from going below a certain temperature by keeping it warm and constant.

Rekord uses Juwel AquaHeat 50 Watt adjustable heater that is shock proof which means it won’t break easily if the tank is knocked or bumped into.

What are the benefits of these aquariums

The base comes in the same colour as the aquarium, which is black and white. They can be matched to keep the look elegant and modern.

They provide a strong foundation for your aquarium to sit on, while giving you ample space to store the accessories for your aquarium, like fish foods, toys, sand, or extra bulbs. You can also opt to purchase just the stand, instead of a cabinet.

There are 3 aquariums in this line:-

Juwel Rekord 600- 61 x 31x 42 cm, and holds 63 litres.

Juwel Rekord 700- 61x 31x 46.5 cm, and holds 70 litres.

Juwel Rekord 800- 81x 3x 45 cm, and holds 110 litres.

All these aquariums are available in both black and white. Rekord 700 is taller than Rekord 600, and Rekord 800 is much more spacious than the other two.

There is an aquarium for every level of a fish hobbyist in here. All three are great, but if you want a wider landscape to work with, and want to add bottom feeders, larger fishes, and other aquatic beings, I would highly recommend the Juwel Rekord 800.

Juwel Aquariums: Where Innovation meets Excellence

Established in 1969, Juwel Aquariums have a long track record of bringing to the market, top of the line aquariums, with highly innovative ultra-modern technology that ensures a smooth functionality of the system.

Your aquarium is the home for your fishes, so you should never compromise on the quality of your fish tank.As a longtime customer of Juwel, I can confidently say that I have always been pleased with their products.

Create an Aquatic Showpiece with Juwel Rekord

When it comes to aquariums, you want something perfectly reliable, and highly efficient.

Juwel’s Rekord line is perfect on both these aspects. Plus, since it comes with all the basic necessities, I have never had to go out and spend more money and time on important components for starting.

If you are in the market for an aquarium that is attractive in design, and made with superlative technology, please take a look at Juwel Rekord Aquariums.I can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed.

Juwel Rekord Aquarium Prices

The price range for the Juwel Rekord Aquariums start from £124 from Amazon

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