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Best Beginner Fish Tanks Of 2018

Your Introduction To Aquariums.

An aquarium is a container with at least one transparent side, where aquatic plants and fish are kept either for tourism, entertainment, or any order reason the owner may have constructed or bought it for.

Aquariums come in different shapes and sizes, rectangular aquariums are usually called Fish Tanks and they are most commonly used as a home decoration and sight-seeing while bowl-shaped aquariums are called Fish Bowls. 

Points To Consider As A Beginner.

Just like a Dog Cage, Sheep Pen, Cattle Ranch and other facilities used to keep both farm animals and Pets, a beginner should have a mind that a Fish is an animal and a pet at the same time.

It is also worthy of  note that the fish and the plants in the fish tank have been removed from their natural habitat to a new habitat, so care should be taken to maintain a favorable condition in the fish tank in order to enable a livable ecosystem for the life in the fish tank.

Benefits Of Fish Tanks In The Home

Interior Decoration

Having a fish tank in a house or office creates a unique effect to the existing decoration.

It just does not mean having a pet in a glass box, but when you keep a fish tank in a room, it creates a warm and welcoming effect and when you feel tired or bored, looking at the fish tank just opens you up to a stress free feeling and a wide imagination, its like looking at a virtual artwork.

Stress Reduction

Staring at a fish tank on those days of extreme boredom and joblessness is a magical thing too, as I mentioned before, it is like looking at a virtual reality artwork.

Or walking through a hallway of Leonardo Da Vinci's work, the fish swimming gracefully inside, takes your mind on a pleasant slow ride of imagination and stress free relaxation.

Better Work Productivity

  1. You will all agree with me that when stress is reduced, productivity is increased around the office environment or even at home.
  2. It aids in calming the room down, including the persons within.
  3. It aids in good sleep due to the night lights added to most of the LED Aquariums.

Best Beginner Fish Tanks Of 2018

Fish tanks are the most used facility that helps to keep our fish pets in a safe living condition, therefore it is necessary that before one makes a choice on which fish tank to buy, one has to be careful and meticulous as carelessness and hasty decisions can lead to the death of our precious pets.

There are different types of fish tanks in the market, ranging from affordable to expensive, small to big and massive ones, sophisticated and stack ones etc, however when it comes to choosing a fish tank as a beginner, it is most advisable to choose the largest one that you can afford.

Below are the top 10 best beginner fish tanks for your home and office...that you can purchase at Amazon.Com today.

1.      Marineland Contour glass aquarium kit with rail light                  3 gallon

2.      Marina LED aquarium kit                                                                  5,10,20 gallon

3.      Marine ML90609 portrait Aquarium kit                                             5 gallon

4.      Fluval Spec V aquarium kit                                                                5 gallon

5.      Aqueon Aquarium fish tank starter kit with led lighting                 10,20 gallon

6.      Seaclear acrylic aquarium combo set                                               15,50 gallon

7.      Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit                                                          3 gallon

8.      Tetra Glofish 29045 Aquarium kit                                                       5 gallon

9.      Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit                                           2.65 gallon

10.  Tetra 29234 half-moon aquarium kit                                                   10 gallon

1.      Marineland Contour glass aquarium kit with rail light

Although this Fish tank may appear small, it is a 5-gallon capacity fish tank, with a unique feature of led lights, White and blue namely, the white light during the day creates the shimmering effect that the sun rays create underwater, and the blue LED replicates the cool sea moonlight.

It has a 2 stage filtration system that does its work as perfectly as seen in bigger tanks, it is easy to assemble, and the canopy swiftly slides to the back to aid feeding and changing of water. Already on Amazon, it has more than 500 customer reviews, with a 4.5 out of 5 user rating, whereby the majority of the reviews are positive.


The filters placed in the backwall allows for more ways to organize the fish-tank.

Available in 3 or 5 gallon sizes.

Has a hinged glass lid which aids in easier cleaning and feeding of the fishes.

It’s a beautiful piece to decorate the room or office.


The filters are not easy to replace.

Non adjustable water from filter.

It does not come with a heater.

2.  Marina LED aquarium kit  

The kit is a glass tank, and as we all know, glass is good in supporting weight when compared with acrylic and is also cheaper than acrylic.

This fish tank comes with a filter hook which is meant to hook at the back of the aquarium, worthy of note is the fact that filters have adjustable flow rates which enables one to regulate the flow in a way that will replicate the natural environment for the fishes.

The seamlessly integrated LED light offers energy efficient lighting which beautifies the look of the fish in the tank.


Filters are great for maintenance.

Comes with a conditioner and supplement which helps in treating tap water to achieve an aquarium environment which is near the natural environment.

Comes with extras like aquarium care guide, fish food and water conditioner.


Poor packaging when ordered online.

Lighting may be too strong for certain fish species.

3.  Marineland ML90609 portrait Aquarium kit

Although this Fish tank may appear small, it is a 5-gallon capacity fish tank, with a unique feature of led lights that are white and blue.

The white light during the day creates the shimmering effect that the sun rays create underwater, and the blue LED replicates the cool sea moonlight.

It has a 2 stage filtration system that does its work as perfectly as seen in bigger tanks, it is easy to assemble, and the canopy swiftly slides to the back to aid feeding and changing of the water.

Already on Amazon, it has more than 500 customer reviews, with a 4.5 out of 5 user rating, whereby the majority of the reviews are positive.


The filter motor is remarkably silent when compared with other fish-tanks.

The tank is easy to clean and the contour glass looks very beautiful.

It has a sturdy base that doesn’t slide off the surface.


The filter creates a high current which is not healthy for Some fish species

The lights are so bright that it affects some fish species.

4.  Fluval Spec V aquarium kit

The Fluval Spec V is a sleek looking fish tank, with well-polished glass walls and aluminium trims, it is equipped with 37 LEDs which alongside the aluminium trim gives the fish tank a glow that cannot go unnoticed, it also aids in the healthy growth of aquatic plants and colours the fishes gorgeously.

It comes with an efficient 3 love the design stage filtration system which provides mechanical, biological and chemical filtration which ensures extra clarity of the water.

The Amazon reviews have it that Fluval spec has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is a sweet record, buyers love the design and strength of the integrated filter, and in summary, it has excellent positive reviews.


LED light creates a beautiful day and night effect in the fish tank.

Integrated 3 stage filtration system with adjustable flow rate.

Durable carved glass with sleek aluminum edge line.


Some buyers think the light is too strong for some species.

Doesn’t include some decorations that can help in tank landscaping.

Filter is not so easy to replace.

5.      Aqueon Aquarium fish tank starter kit with led lighting

The Aqueon Aquarium fish tank replicates the natural habitat of the fish, it comes with everything you need to start up including an enhanced 5 stage filter system, and ammonia specialty filter pad that helps the fishtank maintain clean and healthy water.

It has a hood where the LED is seamlessly integrated which provides the tank with a medium glow of light which isn’t so bright to affect the fishes inside it, it also houses a preset heater which is another step taken by the makers to ensure that the fishes inside are more comfortable inside at a temperature of 75 - 80 degrees F, at this temperature, many tropical fishes will simply thrive.

There are also so many extras and freebies, like a thermometer, fish food, net in the box, relieving you of the stress of running back into the pet shop to grab some other things you may need, with this fish tank, all you need is set it up and enjoy.


It is very durable.

It comes with virtually everything needed for a start up.

It is relatively quiet compared to fish tanks of its category.


It doesn’t come with some décor like gravel.

6.  Seaclear acrylic aquarium combo set

Just as the name implies, this fish tank is made from acrylic, which is a lot stronger than glass, and even lighter than glass, so many beginners will prefer this material to glass.

As a leading name in the fish tank industry, SeaClear offers the buyers a wide range of sizes to choose from, its build is shatterproof acrylic and it comes with a mild glowing fluorescent tube, but does not comes with accessories like the heater and filter system.


It’s built with breakproof acrylic for durability making it less in weight when compared to glass fish tanks.

It is highly customizable and easy to clean.


Does not come with additional equipment like the heater and filter.

Fluorescent is not ideal for planted or reef tanks.

7.   Tetra 29095 Cube Aquarium Kit

This is a portable tank when compared with other tanks in its category, it is ideal for offices, hostels, classrooms and any private space.

It comes with a lid that allows for easy access and cleaning of the tank, there is also a feeding hole in the lid which is used to feed the fish.

It has a good LED light which replicates the day and night effects were seen in the sea and also beautifies the fish tank.

It has a whisper power filter, tetra whisper bio bag and its power consumption are minimal.

On Amazon, it is the number one best selling small aquarium.It also has a 4.0 out of 5.0 customer rating and has over 1,000 customer reviews.


Scratch resistant glass.

Comes with the basic things needed for a start up.

Price is on the favorable side and it comes with a pedestal.


Some of the plastic trim can break easily.

The filter may give off strange odours.

The operation of the aquarium can be loud.


8.  Tetra Glofish 29045 Aquarium kit

I was amazed when I discovered that this tank was made of plastic, It looks so much like glass, and with the quality of its build and the way it enchants the room it is found in, one will not help but think it is made of glass. 

Acrylic is always stronger to glass in the fish tank market, this tank also has a 15 bulb blue LED lights which lightens the fish tank beautifully day and through the night, it also has an internal water filter which is super silent and works well to keep the water clear and clean.

 On Amazon, it has more than 200 reviews and a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0.

It can be a great kids fish tank.

It is perfect and comes with a filter.

Being made with plastic makes it light weight.

The LED brings a great accent to the room.


The plastic is a turn off for so many people.

9.   Marina 360-Degree Aquarium Starter Kit

This is an innovative Aquarium, it fits well into any space it is kept, be it an office, room, kitchen counter, etc. it is a nice starter kit for any beginner.

It also brings a little of every premium feature that the bigger tanks possess. For example, it has an embedded pump which draws water from the bottom and returns it back to the tank from the top in a gentle flow, providing healthy water at a constant and safe rate. 

It also has two cartridge filters that collect organic waste and provides biological filtration in the tank, it also has a custom built LED light with day and night settings.

On - it has a 3.5 out of 5.0 rating with 125 customer reviews.


Perfect for small spaces.

A good fish tank that offers beginners a little of everything.

Operation of electronics are silent.


Plastic scratches easily.

View angle is not so good.

Operating water pump can be loud.

Some customers do not like plastic tanks.

10.   Tetra 29234 half-moon aquarium kit

I won’t start blowing this tanks trumpet, for an aquarium of its size, it already has it all, a 3 stage filtration optimizing the Tetra whisper filtration, a 2 sided bio bag that filters large chunks of debris and waste on one side and uses an activated charcoal to eliminate odour and impurities, also has a bio scrubber which provides a healthy ecosystem in the tank and even more. In Amazon, it bagged an amazing 4.0 out of 5.0 review rating with more than 100 reviews.


It includes everything to start your fish keeping hobby.

It has a filter that does a great job.

It is carefully crafted.


None reported.


After careful and meticulous research, it is difficult to pass a final verdict on which of these tanks is the best.

But as far as these reviews are concerned, these ten tanks will definitely help any beginner, whether you are a person that likes big tanks or small ones, affordable or pricey tanks, there is a tank for you - Which one will you choose?

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