Aquarium heating

Aquarium heating is crucial to the wellness and comfort of your fish. In contrast to human beings and other warm-blooded creatures, a fish cannot generate its own body heat.

The body temperature of a fish is heavily dependent on the water temperature. Therefore, keeping the right water temperature is absolutely essential.

Although some fish tend to thrive in cool water, most aquarium fish are usually comfortable and relaxed in water with temperatures above normal room temperature.

Therefore fish tank heaters are essential components that ought to be added to an aquarium in order to offer the correct temperature for the well-being of your fish.

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A number of fish tank owners opt for cheaper brands and models, whereas there are fish hobbyists who only desire nothing but high-tech heaters for their fish tank aquariums.

No matter what your brand preference is, a fish tank heater is an important part of any fish aquarium.

Immersible tank heaters

These types of fish tank heaters are also commonly referred to as hang-on heaters. They are quite common in the market and as such,very affordable.

The control panel must be kept above water at all times and this is a huge setback for most fish keepers.

 What’s more is that the set-up process is slightly challenging. Nevertheless, the affordable retail price is what makes this particular type very popular.

Submersible tank heaters

This type of aquarium heating is slightly costlier compared to immersible heaters. The good news is that it can be completely submerged, inside the fish tank. Configuring temperatures is also not as difficult as the immersible tank heaters.

Perhaps the key feature that attracts most fish hobbyists, to this type of fish tank heater is the fact that it can be hidden from view. 

Therefore, this particular type of heater is quite costly compared to standard ones. The other setback is the fact that you can’t repair these in the case of damage since the tube is totally sealed, and cannot be accessed.

Substrate aquarium heaters

This particular type of heater is apparently quite common in Europe.This is composed of heating cords built beneath the substrate.

In contrast to other types of heaters, substrate heaters give a better aesthetic appeal to your aquarium since they are hidden, so they take up less room inside the tank - meaning more area for your impressive fish to swim around in.

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