Pet Fish Tank

Thinking about getting a pet fish tank?  Here are some pet aquarium facts for you.

Fish make a great first pet for anyone, especially children. You will need to be careful when selecting your first pet fish, looking for easy to care for, hardy breeds.

Pet Fish TankGold Fish

Giving a pet fish to a child can help them learn to take responsibility, and have pride in ownership of their new pet. 

According the a study by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) 16% of all pet owners, also have pet fish.

Some of the reason for this may be because of less time, smaller homes, apartments, even tiny houses, where a cat or dog just isn’t possible.

Did you know that pet fish can be great for your health?


Yes!  Fish swim at a relaxed pace with fluid movements, gliding across a boundless sea (to them), without a care in the world. The tranquility of the fish and flowing plant life actually transcends to the viewer, having a calming and peaceful effect on them. 

A pet fish tank has been associated with lowering blood pressure, to helping calm ADHD patients.

Fish are silent pets. Apartment dwellers have nothing to worry about when it comes to barking or scratching the carpeting.

Pet fIsh come in hundreds of colors and shapes, so you never get bored with them.  Just carefully choose another compatible breed, and slowly add your new neighbor into your tank.

Nothing to pet?  Did you know that some fish actually do interact with their owners?  You can find youtube videos of people even teaching their pet fish to do tricks.

If You’re Thinking of a Pet Fish Tank

Start out small, and don’t go exotic until you know what you are doing. 

Do your research, or read our tips pages. 

To begin you might start with a desktop size or 1 gallon fish tank, where 10 gallon fish tanks are a great size for smaller rooms.  In my opinion, every bedroom should have one for a soothing night light. 

Learn how big your chosen fish will get, and once grown, with they eat the smaller fish in your fish tank?

Start your research with some of these more hardy, easy to care for fish such as:
Angel Fish
Betta Fish
Gold Fish
Jelly Fish
Molly Fish
Tetra Fish

There are others, but these will be the least expensive, and most tolerable.

Find the safe plants you can use for them, and much, and the most nutritious food.

Know where your tank will go. It cannot be in direct sunlight, although a little filtered light is good. It can’t be next to heating and air conditioning vents, as it can make the water temperature fluctuations too drastic for the fish to survive.

It shouldn’t be in the high traffic area of the house as startling your fish can send them into shock.  A nice cozy corner of your room is almost always a safe bet.

Go low maintenance as possible, by considering a Starter Fish Tank or Fish Aquarium Kit.

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