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Cool Fish Tanks Strategies For Beginners

How to choose cool fish tanks to buy for your tropical fish can be confusing and difficult.

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Top 3 Mistakes Newbies Make Setting up their Aquarium

Top 3 Mistakes Newbies Make Setting up their Aquarium

Continue reading "Top 3 Mistakes Newbies Make Setting up their Aquarium"

Choosing the filtration system

When choosing the filtration system for your new fish aquarium,there are 3 types of filtration to consider.

Continue reading "Choosing the filtration system"

The Best Way To Buying Corner Fish Aquariums

The practicality offered when buying corner fish aquariums is what has made them popular amongst a majority of aquarists.

Continue reading "The Best Way To Buying Corner Fish Aquariums"

The Best Way To Buy Fish Tanks

Nowadays it’s possible to buy fish tanks from a number of sources.

Continue reading "The Best Way To Buy Fish Tanks"

What Everyone Ought To Know About Aquarium Algae

Aquarium algae doesn't just look terrible, it will kill your fish. Let us help you find the cause, and the cures.

Continue reading "What Everyone Ought To Know About Aquarium Algae"

The Most Important Elements Of Acrylic Fish Tanks

There are several differences between acrylic fish tanks and glass aquariums.

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Which fish tank -Tropical fish tanks and marine fish aquariums review site.

Are you looking for a new fish aquarium, but yet to find which fish tank is best for you - and best for your fish?

Continue reading "Which fish tank -Tropical fish tanks and marine fish aquariums review site."

How to Choose The Best Decoration For Your Fish Aquarium

If you’ve just purchased a fish tank, chances are that you are really looking forward to decorating it.

Continue reading "How to Choose The Best Decoration For Your Fish Aquarium"

Your 90 Litre Aquarium

Whatever your reason for looking to expand, your 90 litre aquarium can be a much-needed solution to all your fish tank woes.

Continue reading "Your 90 Litre Aquarium "

Juwel Fish Aquariums

The Juwel Fish Aquariums Company, based in Germany, has been one of the premier brands of fish tanks in Europe for over 45 years.

Continue reading "Juwel Fish Aquariums"

Juwel Rio Aquarium

The Juwel Rio Aquarium - particularly the Rio 125, can be purchased as an ideal starter aquarium.

Continue reading "Juwel Rio Aquarium "

How do i get rid of black brush algae?

Hello, I have had black brush algae since I setup my freshwater aquarium and I've managed to keep it under control. About 3 weeks ago my actinc bulb burnt

Continue reading "How do i get rid of black brush algae?"

Ups and downs

My story has had many ups and downs, starting off small cold to warm, losing fish to disease or equipment failure; on the other hand its been about affordability

Continue reading "Ups and downs "

Guppy Fish Care

Guppy Fish Care from feeding to Guppy Fish breeding, and even how to find the best Guppy Fish for sale.

Continue reading "Guppy Fish Care"

Goldfish Tanks

GoldFish Tanks, all the Goldfish facts, the Goldfish lifespan, Goldfish diseases and breeding.

Continue reading "Goldfish Tanks"

Giesemann Contura Aquarium

Are you looking for a new fish tank? The Giesemann Contura aquarium is a wonderfully crafted tank with a number of features that you may find useful.

Continue reading "Giesemann Contura Aquarium"

Freshwater Angel Fish

Freshwater Angel Fish, Koi Angel Fish, and others of this species are great for the small fish tanks to outside ponds depending on your climate..

Continue reading "Freshwater Angel Fish"

Fluval Vicenza Aquarium

Fluval Vicenza aquarium is a high-quality fish tank with a bow front that helps bring your fish tank to life.

Continue reading "Fluval Vicenza Aquarium"

Custom Fish Tanks

Custom fish tanks are normally made to fit into oddly shaped areas, or for when someone wants something unique and one-of a kind tank

Continue reading "Custom Fish Tanks"

Fluval Edge Aquarium

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is another offering from one of the leaders of fish tank manufacturing. It is a small, compact aquarium with a cube design.

Continue reading "Fluval Edge Aquarium"

Fluval Fish Aquariums

It's a simple fact that many fish enthusiasts prefer Fluval fish aquariums. I found out about Fluval Fish tanks about eight years ago and loved them.

Continue reading "Fluval Fish Aquariums"

Fish Tank Set Up

Fish tank set up is one of the main processes for keeping healthy and happy fish, with live fish tank plants included.

Continue reading "Fish Tank Set Up"

Marine Aquariums - Marine fish tanks help and advice

If you are fond of fish and sea creatures, having marine aquariums in your own home is very impressive and eye-catching. Learn all about Marine Fish Tanks

Continue reading "Marine Aquariums - Marine fish tanks help and advice"

When Buying Glass Fish Tanks - Look for these qualities!

Are Glass Fish Tanks the best choice for the first time Aquarium owner? A majority of people are often confused as to whether buy all glass fish tanks

Continue reading "When Buying Glass Fish Tanks - Look for these qualities!"

Who Else Wants To Enjoy Beginner Fish Tanks

Beginner Fish tanks, and Fish tank starter kits are suitable for people who have little or no experience in keeping fish.

Continue reading "Who Else Wants To Enjoy Beginner Fish Tanks"

Tv Fish Tank

People seem to be making all sorts of old and antique devices into a Tv fish tank these days.

Continue reading "Tv Fish Tank"

Tropical Fish Tanks

Using tropical fish tanks for the first time can be daunting. From the tank to the tropical fish tank heaters, how do you choose which is best!

Continue reading "Tropical Fish Tanks"

Small Aquarium Fish

The best choices for small aquarium fish, and how to choose your starter fish tank.

Continue reading "Small Aquarium Fish"

Plants For Tropical Fish

When buying plants for tropical fish, it is important to add a variety of plants to stabilise your newly set up aquarium.

Continue reading "Plants For Tropical Fish"

Pet Fish Tank

Looking for a pet fish tank? From kids to adults, these easy fish tank starter kits are wonderful learning experiences.

Continue reading "Pet Fish Tank"

Pet Betta Fish

Pet Betta Fish, lots of Betta fish facts, information about Betta fish tanks, their health, and where to find Betta fish for sale

Continue reading "Pet Betta Fish"

Marine Substrate for Your New Marine Aquarium

Marine Substrate refers to any type of material that is used to fill the bottom of a fish tank, such as sand, pebbles and gravel.

Continue reading "Marine Substrate for Your New Marine Aquarium"

Marine Aquarium Set Up

To be able to have your marine aquarium set up, you have to know the basic components that make up a marine aquarium.

Continue reading "Marine Aquarium Set Up"

Marine Aquarium Lighting

Marine aquarium lighting is essential because it is used to stimulate day and night.

Continue reading "Marine Aquarium Lighting"

Marine Aquarium Filtration

Marine Aquarium Filtration refers to the purification of the water in an aquarium.

Continue reading "Marine Aquarium Filtration"

Maintaining Your Tropical Aquarium

Maintaining your Tropical Aquarium does not only ensure that it is visually attractive, but also helps to keep your fish in the best health possible.

Continue reading "Maintaining Your Tropical Aquarium"

Maintaining Your Marine Aquarium

maintaining your marine aquarium is necessary and vital for the wellbeing of your marine fish.

Continue reading "Maintaining Your Marine Aquarium"

Kids Fish Tank

A Kids fish tank can be a new best friend to little ones. A fish tank starter kit can teach them pet care and responsibility.

Continue reading "Kids Fish Tank"

Juwel Vision Aquarium

All the Juwel Vision Aquarium are smart in appearance and will look impressive in any home or office environment.

Continue reading "Juwel Vision Aquarium"

Juwel Vio Aquarium

If you want to pick the right home for your new little pet, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with a Juwel Vio aquarium.

Continue reading "Juwel Vio Aquarium"

Fish Aquarium Cycle

The Fish Aquarium Cycle is vitally important, when your'e setting up your new fish tank.

Continue reading " Fish Aquarium Cycle"

Round Fish Tanks | Suitable for any room in the home

Round fish tanks are suitable for any room in the home ,ranging from traditional glass to acrylic ones.

Continue reading "Round Fish Tanks | Suitable for any room in the home"

Fluval Premium Aquariums

The Fluval Premium Aquariums are a fantastic way to add fluidity and movement in your home. It can make any arid space seem like a work of art.

Continue reading "Fluval Premium Aquariums"


My wife and are animal lovers and they are our #1 priority besides each other. Sure if you ask my wife, she might say there are days where it could be

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My Fish

1 started my first fish tank when i was 21 years old, i now am 61 - i used 2 sale fish two aquariums shop keep me in supply in fish food air pump ect,

Continue reading "My Fish"

Fish Aquarium Stands

Fish Aquarium stands are vitally important when placing a large fish tank in your living room of your home.

Continue reading "Fish Aquarium Stands"

Tetra Aquarium

A Tetra Aquarium-why can't you have one, what are you doing wrong, why are they difficult to own?

Continue reading "Tetra Aquarium"

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