Juwel Vio Aquarium Review

A Juwel vio aquarium is the perfect first choice for your new aqua pets!.

The Jewel Vio is perfect for smaller pets not limited to fish at all. You can use this premium aquarium to house invertebrates, shrimps and crabs as well!

When buying fish, picking out the prettiest one, is the easy part when you're starting off with your new fish-keeping hobby. Picking out the right aquarium is significantly more difficult. You must consider not only the size of the fish, but also the size that they grow to.

Goldfish, for example, are one of the most popular adopted species, and many people aren’t aware that they can grow to occupy the size of whatever container they’re put in!

The look of the Juwel Vio simply can’t be beat. Its specially curved front panel means that it requires no silicone or other side supports.

The glass is completely un-obscured, giving you spectacular views of your new creatures from every angle – 360 degrees of sight-lines for you and your pets alike.

What are the Perks of this Aquarium?

There are more perks to this beautiful and quirky fish tank, including its specially-designed mini filter, which effectively and efficiently rids the interior of harmful bacteria and other substances that you don’t want around your little creatures.

Despite its small volume, the interior of the Jewel Vio is quite roomy for your pets to enjoy. You can even choose between a black and a white frame, so it is suited to practically any room in your home.

The cover of the Jewel Vio folds back quickly, for easy access to the inside for setting up, installing, cleaning and other maintenance.

It is designed specifically to collect any condensation from temperature changes, and distribute that water back into the aquarium, resulting in minimal water loss. This means you don’t have to add to or change the water nearly as often.

And, of course, there is the Twin-Lite technology that comes standard with every Jewel Vio aquarium. This technology makes the interior light of the aquarium shine brighter than any of the regular aquariums you find in the pet store.

The light output is increased by over 100%! - And you can rest assured knowing that this technology is not only effective, but safe as well, passing high international safety standards.

Juwel Vio 40 Aquarium

What are the Size and Capacity Specifications?

The Juwel Vio Aquarium is 40 x 26 x 30cm. It is relatively small, but the roomy interior and 360-degree views more than make up for the space.

And, this means it can fit just about anywhere in your home. The aquarium weighs only 7.5kg unfilled, making it easy to transport even after you fill it up.

It has a water capacity of 30 litres; which is plenty for all your small creature's needs.

Can I buy a Juwel Vio Aquarium online?

Indeed, you can purchase a Juwel Vio Fish Tank online. The Juwel Company has many different authorised distributors and sales agents placed in most countries of the world.

Amazon UK is another resource for this aquarium. This means that you can buy a Juwel Vio Aquarium and have it delivered practically anywhere in the world.

What Kind of Customer Support Will I Get?

Juwel provides buyers with a two-year guarantee for all their aquariums. Some component parts, such as filter sponges and pump impellers, are excluded from this purchase due to their inclination to natural wear and tear.

Make sure to buy from a reputable and authorized Juwel retailer, however, because any claim must include proof of purchase.

Their website includes a form for questions, and they can answer in German and English. Another major plus is that their manuals are all available on their website, just in case yours is lost in transit or you misplace it over time.

The bottom line is, the Juwel Vio Fish Tank is a gorgeous, dependable and economical aquarium for all your fish and invertebrate needs.

Standard Features

  • Bioflow Mini Filter System
  • Juwel Twin Lite - 15 watt
  • Sponge Filter Media
  • Bioflow Pump (280 L per hour)

Technical Specification

  • Available Decor  - White or Black Only
  • Weight  7.5 kg
  • Volume 32 litres
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