Juwel Trigon Aquarium Review

The Juwel Trigon Aquarium is a favorite for many people. As its name suggests, this aquarium is triangular shaped so that it fits neatly into a corner of your home.

With it's unique shape, the Juwel Trigon tank creates a surreal illusion of depth, that adds so much splendour to the colourful mini-ocean inside it. Only top quality materials go into these aquariums, with masterful workmanship by German Craftsmen.

Could a Juwel Trigon Tank Be Unstable?

Good question. The Juwel Trigon has a safety base frame that distributes weight evenly making it virtually impossible to tip or tilt. The sturdy cabinet this aquarium sits upon can hold up to 1.3 tons safely.

The impressive fifty-gallon tank will get pretty heavy when filled, which actually helps keep the Trigon stable when sitting on its cabinet base.

Speaking of the cabinet base, it is not only very attractive but also very useful. It’s a great place to store all your fish accessories and equipment.

What Else Makes Them Special?

Ok, so we know they’re triangular shaped and that’s way cool, but what else makes the Juwel Trigon special. One simple yet important fact is it’s made by Juwel.

Juwel is a well-supported and highly trusted brand all over the world. They create many of the products needed for their aquariums (which come in a variety of styles and types) such as their own lighting, filtration, accessories, and more.

Juwel Trigon Aquarium Lighting

Juwel creates lighting tubes, units, systems, reflectors and end caps. Their T5 Hi-Lite lighting tubes (used in the Trigon) create astonishing color inside your tank with spectrums that bring out the rainbow of colors in your aquarium.

The colors you have to choose from do more than just highlight specific hues, however. For example, Hi-Light Nature has a green spectrum that promotes plant photosynthesis while highlighting green tones.

Choose from colors: Day, Nature, Colour, Blue (simulates conditions in coral reefs up to 6m depth), and Marine (clear white light simulates conditions on a coral reef).


Juwel manufacture fillter media that provides optimum water conditions and maintains vibrant colors, filter systems that guarantee excellent water quality, and even efficient and powerful pumps that will keep your electric costs low.

The Trigon comes with a BioFlow 3.0 filter system and heater. The BioFlow filter comes with five high-quality filter media, and a powerful yet quiet pump.

The heater is 200 watts and is part of the BioFlow filter system.


You’ll find the Juwel name on many accessories including automatic feeders, digital thermometers, heaters, filter media and much more.

Standard Features

  • Bioflow 3.0 Litre Filter System
  • High Lite 70 cm flourescent tubes 2x28 watt
  • 200w Heater
  • Thermostat Control 20 -30 C
  • Juwel Eccoflow 600 litre p/h water circulation pump

Technical Specification

  • Juwel Trigon 190 Aquarium
  • Measurements 99 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Available Decor  - White - Black - Beech - Dark Wood
  • Weight 41.5 kg
  • Volume 190 Litres

Now that you’re convinced on how special Juwel aquariums truly are, you are probably even more excited about the Juwel 190 or 350 Trigon. You are probably thinking along the lines of:

Where can I buy one?

You can find a list of dealers who sell Juwel aquariums and products by visiting Google Search -  or alternatively you can also purchase them online from the text links on this page.The trigon 350 retails at amazon.co.uk for around £822. For an aquarium with the reputation and quality of Juwel, this is an amazing price for a 50-gallon aquarium.

The Juwel Trigon is more than an aquarium. It is a decorative addition to any room, a great conversation piece and an impressive corner fish tank. Marine and saltwater tanks come with a learning curve if you have never owned one  - but that battle is short lived, with the pleasure, and enjoyment that your Juwel Trigon aquarium will bring you will be for many years to come.

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