Custom fish tanks

Custom fish tanks are normally made to fit into oddly shaped areas, or for when someone wants something unique and one-of a kind tank to serve as a focal point in their new home.

But what happens when you take Fish tanks to the next level?. Custom aquarium tanks - that’s what!.

Read on to find out about some of the world’s most wackiest custom tank designs and get some inspiration for your own custom fish aquarium project.

How about converting your old computer into a fish aquarium? This has actually become a popular type of fish tank with the young and trendy.

Old computer screens are converted into a little waterproof home for your fishy friends, making a fun and interesting conversation piece in your home.

Obviously this doesn't really work with modern flat screen, instead use those big ugly computer screens, or an old  Apple Mac computer  would be perfect for this type of tank.

It’s not just old computers that can be transformed into fish aquariums, how about your very own tv fish tank?

A specialist aquarium builder will be able to waterproof any type of large TV set and make it into a new home for your fishes. This type of fish aquarium looks particularly good made from the vintage TV screens of the 1950s.

Custom Fish Tanks

Custom fish aquariums have also been used in several modern art pieces, including a public telephone box which was filled up with fish and placed in the middle of the street.

A famous car company also waterproofed and filled one of their car models with tropical fish.

One home owner decided to convert their lounge into a fish highway. This involved a perspex tube that ran from one fish tank to another across the ceiling.

While this design is unusual, and also costly, it is sure to provide hours of entertainment for both children and adults alike.

If you are thinking of getting your own custom fish aquarium, we have a whole range of different products for you to look at

. Spend a little time going throughout our site and you will see lots of different aquariums that you can visualise in your home or office.

When designing a custom fish aquarium always ensure that the fish will have enough space to swim around freely, and that it can be cleaned and maintained easily.

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