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About me

Hello Everyone,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my site, and for you to find out more about me. My name is George P Butler and i live in Peterlee - UK.

I have been involved with creating websites and online marketing since December 2005, purely as a business building interest.

Most of my working life, I've been involved in the Road Transport Industry as a Truck Driver, a job which i enjoy very much, but I wanted to focus my spare time on something I could create and build - and inspire other people to build their own websites too!

Computers and the internet

I’ve always been interested with computers, internet marketing, content information, and online sales 

I quickly found out that there was a myriad of internet marketing products and services online, I just had to find the right product for me first.

My first experience of online marketing was with Stone Evans’ “Plug in profits” site, and i was so excited to learn about affiliate marketing and online home income. This course was great for me to start off with and to learn from.

Then I was mentored by Erich Winnecke-webmaster of He really showed me the way to build and market a website, to generate leads, and to build a list, write a newsletter, and add advertising to the site to increase traffic, and ultimately build relationships with your customers!

Searching for affiliate programs

In late 2012, it was while researching for affiliate advertising partners, to add to my job directory site, i focused my attention on Allan Gardyne's site - Associate

Allan's website is crammed full of well informed and realistic affiliate marketing advice and help for the newbie and/or experienced affiliate marketer.

It was only when i was browsing among these pages, that I discovered an advertising feature for SBI - Site Build It. My initial curiosity peaked my interest, so I clicked the SBI  link, and after reading the main  SBI web page, and various other information pages, I was pleasantly surprised - maybe I could implement SBI into my work at home site, or even build a new website from scratch - I thought!

Happily I took onboard more good information about how to get started, and also by reading the testimonial's of many happy  SBI website owners, I decided to join their monthly membership subscription. - (I was quite excited about having another website, that I could build for myself -in the interest, that I enjoy the most -Tropical Fish keeping).

Find your passion and write about it

SBI  Site-Build-It Founder Dr Ken Evoy suggests to build a niche web business, on a subject or interest in which you're truly passionate about, one of my interests is keeping tropical fish, which I have enjoyed for over 10 years.

I researched this niche vigorously, and I found that this is a very competitive niche, not only to build a website on, but also rank on the popular search engines, for the relevant key-words and phrases.

I was determined to push on through, and maybe find another sub-niche which was relevant to tropical and marine fish keeping.

Then the "LIGHT BULB " moment arrived

When I first started off with tropical fish keeping, I made a few ghastly mistakes, for eg: buying too small a tank for your fish, not cycling my tank properly, and buying the wrong type of species of tropical fish.

The first mistake (buying a very small tank) was down to my inexperience and I did not know any better - I went out and bought the first fish aquarium I could.

I bought the first tank because I could not find any fish aquarium review sites online for the newbie and in-experienced fish hobby enthusiast to learn which fish tank would be best for them.

"My LIGHTBULB MOMENT" was realised.... I would build my own fish tank review site.I loved the idea that I could share my rapidly gaining knowledge and growing experience to teach new fish hobbyists, about buying and maintaining their own tropical/marine fish aquariums, to care for their fish.

At the present time - I'm 5 years into the SBI web program, I'm very impressed that I'm building my own business, which will help my visitors increase their knowledge of buying and maintaining their fish aquariums, and becoming excellent fish hobbyists.

With the likes of C2.0, I can foresee great things for my website, and more importantly for all my visitors and customers.

Please feel free to look around the site.I hope that you find the site interesting. Please leave comments below, so that, with your help - I can improve the site further. Thank you for visiting !

George P Butler

Peterlee -UK 

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